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                                                               A Note as to Legion of Mary Supplies and Publications.
 Supplies can NOT be mailed or shipped by the SF Senatus!!!
                                  (Page Down - for Sources which can provide your Legion Supplies)!

The San Francisco Senatus is a relatively new Council, and has not yet acquired a warehouse, or the facilities and staff to sell supplies.
A limited number of Legion supplies are made available to Legion members onsite in SF, just prior to the monthly Senatus meeting.
So, if you can come to the SF Senatus Meeting, you may purchase commonly available supplies like Tesseras and pamphlets.
A very few essential supplies, like Legion Standards, are available for Senatus councils, only.

 Supplies can be purchased directly from a Publishing House & the Legion Groups below
                                    subject to their inventories and availability.

The addresses of these
groups are given below, for your convenience, but please check with them for details of purchase and shipping.
Certain publications like the Handbook, are also available online, and may be printed out as needed, at the Concilium web site.
Also available online, is True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis Marie de Montford
   Get your Legion Materials direct from the Publishers Printing House
                                                                        P.O. Box 37500
                                                                    Louisville, Ky, 40233
                                     (The order form is below)   or,      call up a printable PDF form  SuppliesSimonCoPDF
Supplies Form from Simon Co
SuppliesSimonFreight Charges

Yes!! Supplies can also be purchased online, or by mail, from the Legion Councils below!!

(General Catholic Literature)

Below, Legion Publications

Arlington Regia
820 Gibbon Street, #203
Alexandria, Va.
A list of publications is
available online.


Miami Regia
A pdf list of publications is
available online

Philadelphia Senatus
5109 N. Broad St.
Philadelphia, Pa.

A list of supplies is
available online.

The Assist. Sec. for Literature:
Legion of Mary Concilium
De Montfort House
Morning Star Avenue
North Brunswick Street
Dublin 7

or by e-mail:

LA Senatus
To see a List of Supplies, Instructions,
and Mailing costs:

(For LA area only)

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