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           East Palo Alto, California

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(Links to individual past SF Senatus Meeting Allocutios, over the years, are at the bottom of this page)
Allocutio at the 157th Senatus Meeting, March 9th, 2017
     by Fr. Lawrence Goode, Spiritual Director , San Francisco Senatus
and Fr. John Jimenez
  Father Goode and Fr. John Jimenez gave the Allocutio, followed by blessings.
Father Goode invited everyone to the upcoming St. Patrick Day celebration in his parish. He also received and email inquiring on how to start a legion group in Boise Idaho. They both remind that legionaries continue to reach out in building connection with all kinds of people by promoting the Sacraments and the companionship of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother through the legion works we do.
 Allocutio at the 156th Senatus Meeting, February 9th, 2017
     by Fr. Lawrence Goode
Spiritual Director , San Francisco Senatus
  Father Goode shared his reflection on the Pope’s Apostolic Exhortation “Amoris Laetitia.” While there may be certain Bishops and various Catholic groups that might be thinking that the Church doctrine on marriage and the reception of Holy Communion has changed (allowing couples not married in the Church to receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist), the fact is, the doctrine of the Church on this matter has not changed. In this document, the Pope emphasizes the importance of love among families and that all should strive to follow Christ’s example of sacrificial love.
 Allocutio at the 155th Senatus Meeting, January 12th, 2017
     by Brother Ando Perlas
President, San Francisco Senatus
  Brother Perlas – in the Spiritual Reading, “Must Finish the Race,” Frank Duff calls everyone to persevere in their Legionary service for the salvation of souls. If we give up our evangelization efforts, many people who will be left without ever hearing the Word of God. This group of people will include above all else, fellow Catholics who had left the Church. Thus, the Legionary service is one of sustained effort and a life-long vocation for the service of God and man. It is about “intensity of purpose” fighting for every soul, never labeling anyone or any situation as “hopeless” – and never accepting defeat because ever soul is priceless in the eyes of God.
 Allocutio at the 154th Senatus Meeting, December 12th, 2016
     by Brother Allen
Santa Rosa Curia

  The SF Senatus thanks Br. Allen, and the Santa Rosa Curia, for their Report, attendance, and Allocutio, at the Senatus.
  Allocutio at the 153rd Senatus Meeting, November 10th, 2016
byFr. Lawrence Goode
Spiritual Director of the San Francisco Senatus

"When I go to St. Mary’s Cathedral, I notice a bus-load of tourists.   They go around the Cathedral and seem very interested, taking a lot of pictures.   We should have or find some Catholic literature in Chinese to be able to connect we them, and call it Tourist Evangelization."

  Allocutio at the 152nd Senatus Meeting, October 13th, 2016
     by Brother Ando Perlas,
President San Francisco Senatus

“Tonight’s reading reminds us about the important virtue which is humility.  The Blessed Mother herself is the true model of humility.  The whole idea of the reading is to acknowledge that we are sinners as they are.  They may even be holier than we are.  We approach these people in a sense of true humility that we are sent there by God and because God simply wants us to talk to them and as sinners as we all are, they may be saved not because of us but because through us, God has saved them!”

Allocutio at the 151st Senatus Meeting, September 8th, 2016
byFr. Lawrence Goode
Spiritual Director of the San Francisco Senatus

"Yesterday was the 95th Anniversary of the Legion of Mary.  We must remember Father Koo who was imprisoned for 29 years (in China), because he was a member of the Legion of Mary - which was considered a subversive group then... Many legion works reported every meeting now, are very impressive, some have not been done by anyone before, like the washing of the feet at the homeless shelter three times a month.  We don’t force anybody to do this work.  Let this be an example to what our Pope asks from all of us and that is to bring Christ to all corners of the world."

Allocutio at the 150th Senatus Meeting, August 11th, 2016
byFr. Lawrence Goode
Spiritual Director of the San Francisco Senatus


He greeted everyone - a Happy 150th Meeting!  “Looking at the calendar, we have a busy month ahead.”  To learn more about frank and free discussions on the issues of Sidewalk Counseling, Fr. Goode suggested reading the Legion Handbook page 158-159.  Consider the discussions on both sides, and it is good to read again the principles of the legion.  He also mentioned that the PPC is a good opportunity to share our faith with people... Father Junar is a Somascan priest, founded by St. Jerome Emiliani who is the universal patron of the orphans and the needy children.  Somascan fathers dedicate their service to the poor, abandoned and neglected children most especially the orphans.  Their motherhouse is in Italy.  He was invited to introduce his congregation in several parishes for mission appeal.  Father Junar is a Spiritual Director of one praesidium in the Indonesian island where he works.

Allocutio at the 149th Senatus Meeting, July 14th, 2016
Br. Ando Perlas
 President of the San Francisco Senatus

"Almost all of us here in one way or another have been discouraged.  Even tonight with so many vacant seats, Brother Frank Duff tells us, this is part of the Legion life and we must not be discouraged.  True courage gives us motivation and inspiration.   Because of our efforts, one sin averted  prevents like a chain, we must be able to finish the race.  You and I can be instrument of that soul going to heaven."

Allocutio at the 148th Senatus Meeting, June 9th, 2016
Fr. John Jimenez, Pastor of St. Charles Borromeo Church, San Francisco
And Fr. Juan Carlos Chiarinoti, Spiritual Director of Spanish Curia in Santa Rosa

Fr. Jimenez said: “Hearing the reports tonight, with all the struggles that we have, the image of evils that we confront, we feel that the Blessed Virgin Mary is helping us and the Holy Spirit continues to help us grow because we work for the Lord.” Fr. Juan Carlos said that "the Legion of Mary is a blessing for the Church because a priest, being only one, cannot reach so many people personally, but Legionaries being many, are able to do so."

Allocutio at the 147th Senatus Meeting, May 12th, 2016
Br. Ando Perlas
 President of the San Francisco Senatus
  There are so many challenges in the world of the Legion of Mary: the need to do our weekly assignments of going door-to-door; taking care of our junior members; conducting book barrows; and engaging in crowd contact. We may be very small in terms of members but we can make a difference if we are strong inside. We are asked to pray more and get out of our comfort zone. It is through the sacraments and through our prayers that the graces will flow through all of our Legion works.

Allocutio at the 146th Senatus Meeting, April 14th, 2016
Fr. Lawrence Goode
Spiritual Director of the San Francisco Senatus


Fr. Goode spoke about obedience.  “Do what you are told,” and part of this is going to praesidium meetings and Council meetings.  These meetings should not be dreary; we should try to make them interesting.  Reports that speak of door-to-door visitations liven up the meeting.  It is good to participate in the functions and activities of the higher Council and bring new members along to learn about the Legion".

Allocutio at the 145th Senatus Meeting, March 10th, 2016
Br. Ando Perlas
 President of the San Francisco Senatus

Tonight’s Spiritual Reading reminds us that the root of the Legion is our devotion to the Blessed Mother.  St. Louis Marie de Montfort tells us that external devotions like the Rosary and Scapular are not enough.  Let us stay engaged in the battle for souls.  Everyone must save souls.  That is true devotion to the Blessed Mother and we must continue to do it until the end ofour days.


Allocutio at the 144th Senatus Meeting, February11th, 2016
Fr. Bernard Boggi
 Spiritual Director of Our Lady of Palestine Praesidium, St. Thomas More Church

  Father spoke about God’s gift of free will.  God gave us free will and assists us to use that free will to love Him.  During Lent we are reflecting on where we are going.  During Lent we must go back to simplicity.  Go back to the time and place where you have experienced joy, happiness, loneliness or good.  Lent will change the world, one person at a time.  The cross on our forehead on Ash Wednesday is a sign of how much God loves us.

Allocutio at the 143rd Senatus Meeting, January 14th, 2016
Br. Ando Perlas
 President of the San Francisco Senatus


Brother Frank Duff added one word on the title of our spiritual reading tonight, and that word is “intense.”  Brother Duff was speaking about the structure of the Legion of Mary.  An organization with an intense structure is bound to succeed.  We are a disciplined army of the Legion of Mary with an intense ordered system just like the home of Our Lord Jesus in Nazareth.


Allocutio at the 142nd Senatus Meeting, December 10th, 2015

Br. Ando Perlas
       President of the San Francisco Senatus    


Brother Perlas encouraged all Curia and praesidium presidents to read Pope Francis’s document, Misericordiae Vultus to the members.  The word “mercy” is mentioned three times in the Catena.  At the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Kyrie, a prayer for mercy, is prayed three times to signify man’s need for God’s love and mercy.  Additionally, at Mass in the Confiteor, both the priest and the people acknowledge their sinfulness before God, and once again beg for His mercy and forgiveness.  The Pope recognizes that man has a fallen nature and thus, we fall into sin many times during the day – not only with the sins we commit but as well with many acts of omission.  No matter how one tries to be perfect and holy we still depend on God’s mercy.  There is never a day when we do not need mercy.  Our role as Legionaries is to let people know that they must not despair because of their sins because God is always ready to forgive.  We just need to ask Him for forgiveness.  Thus, we are missionaries of mercy.  During the Jubilee Year, we are also asked to perform spiritual and corporal works of mercy, many of which we already do in our works as Legionaries.


          (Fr. Goode sends his blessing to all in the Senatus)

  cross icon                 

  Note: The Allocutio, like the Council Reports, must necessarily lag on this web site, by about a month and a half, because the Senatus minutes need to be approved first at the next monthly meeting.
With the Apostolic Letter of 11 October 2011, Porta fidei, Pope Benedict XVI declared a Year of Faith, which began on 11 October 2012, on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Ecumenical Vatican Council, and which concluded on 24 November 2013, the Solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King.

The Apostolic Letter on the Year of Faith, Porta Fidei, by Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI,
can be found online.  Fr. Goode asks that you read this important document!

And, don't forget, just because the Year of Faith ended in 2013, doesn't mean evangelization has stopped!

Your evangelizing efforts must continue now in 2016 and beyond, to reach those who are in need of the faith!
                                           (Click on the link Below, to call up the document).         
                                                                            Porta Fidei

  Please continue praying for
Fr. Goode, Legion Chaplains, and Priests everywhere
for Pope Francis, and Emeritus Pope Benedict.
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