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Legionary Giving Rosary to a Passerby

Legionaries might conduct a Book-Barrow, or a portable bookstall in a public place, preferably located on a busy street. Experience has shown the immense value of this as a Legion Work....(HB). Here's one way to bring the Church to the many!! At left, a Legionary Chats with a Shopper, and gives her a Rosary.

A Crowded Street
Picture of the Legion Vexillum
The Praesidium Bookbarrow is ideal for either the beginning, ordinary Catholic, or the experienced Legionary. Book Racks can be more formal and extensive, like the pamphlet rack at right, or a simple window ledge at a bus stop (below, center). Locations should be varied, so as to serve the different Communities of the Parish. At one location, more than 30 Rosaries are often given to Passersbys, during the two hours of work. At another, only 4 or 5 Rosaries and pamphlets are given out. Yet, both Communities should be served. At bottom right, a Legionary displays a Rosary pamphlet as a group of mothers with baby buggies pass by. Expect to be pleasantly surprised if you work at a Book Barrow. People are friendly, and often stop by for a chat. It's a great opportunity for you to extend an invitation to attend Church, or perhaps provide information about enrolling a child in the Parish pre-school, or to discuss the Bible with an interested Protestant....
A Bookrack holding Catholic Pamphlets
Church Steeples
A Simple Bookbarrow, set up on a Window Ledge
Women with Baby Carriages, going past the bookbarrow
Golden Gate Bridge with the Legion Vexillum
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