San Francisco Senatus
Useful Secretarial Forms
These forms should be used to ensure that the affiliations and reports of your Praesidia or Council, meets the standards of the Legion of Mary. They are in PDF format, which means that they can be read and printed out using the Adobe Reader Program. Adobe Reader is a free program available at the Adobe Web Site, Click on the link to download the program. The Legion Forms available are given below.    Directions: Click on the link below, print out the Form, and fill out as directed. The document can be faxed, mailed, or scanned and attached to an email. Refer to the Senatus Agenda for the Senatus Mailing and email addresses, or send to your Senatus Correspondent.

Printing Note: If the form does not print out properly the first time, click "Print" then click "Advanced', then select "Print as Image"
The form should now print properly.

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Council Report Form, for Reports to the San Francisco Senatus
Senatus Forms PDF/CouncilReportToSFSen.pdf
Affiliation of a Council, to the San Francisco Senatus
Senatus Forms PDF/CouncilAffiliationSFSen.pdf
Ratification of a Council Officer, by the San Francisco Senatus
Senatus Forms PDF/RatificationCouncilOfficersSFSen.pdf

Affiliation of a Praesidium to the San Francisco Senatus
Senatus Forms PDF/PraesAffiliationSFSen.pdf
(This Form is usually meant for a Praesidium located in San Francisco
but the format may be adopted for Praesidia attached to other Councils )

Appointment of a Praesidium Officer, by the San Francisco Senatus
Senatus Forms PDF/PraesOfficerApptSFSen.pdf
(This Form is meant for a Praesidium directly attached to the Senatus)
Praesidium President's Worksheet (Front) - The back of the Worksheet is below.
Senatus Forms PDF/Praesidium President Worksheet Front.pdf
Praesidium President's Worksheet (Back)
Senatus Forms PDF/Praesdium President Worksheet Back.pdf
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