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Office Name of Officer Date of Election Term
Spiritual Director      Fr. Lawrence Goode
President Elect    Br. Ando Perlas     July, 2015
Vice President     Br. W. Wehrmeister    November, 2015
Secretary     Sr. Carmine Perlas     November, 2015
Assistant Secretary      Br. Edgar Enoc     November, 2017
Treasurer      Br. Ray Frost     November, 2015
Assistant Treasurer      Br. Ed Miller     February, 2015

San Francisco Senatus Officers as of 2017
Pres. Ando Perlas Br. Ando Perlas
Br. W. Wehrmeister
 Br. W.Wehrmeister
Vice President
Sr. Carmine Perlas Sr. Carmine Perlas

Br. Edgar EnocBr. Edgar Enoc
Asst. Secretary

Br. Ray Frost Br. Ray Frost
Br. Ed Miller      Br. Ed Miller
   Asst. Treasurer

Senatus Board June 15th, 2012
                                                   The San Francisco Legion of Mary Senatus Board, June 16th, 2012
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From Fr. Goode, Senatus Chaplain

It is a great privilege and inspiration to bring Jesus and Mary to the world...At the same time, this gives us a chance to talk about and promote the apostolic work done by the Legion.  No organization is doing apostolic work like you, the courageous members of the Legion of Mary!! Also, it is an opportunity for us to talk about evangelization – the whole idea of saving souls. Nowadays, people talk about everything, except saving souls!
let us take as our model, St. Paul, the great evangelizer, and remember how nothing would stop his work, not even being shipwrecked.”

          Priests need your Prayers!

  Also, The Charism of Frank Duff
  and the Legion of Mary,
is the
  Concilium Theme for 2011. Please
  promote the Cause of Frank Duff.

Picture of Fr. Lawrence Goode, Chaplain of the San Francisco Senatus

Fr. Lawrence Goode
San Francisco Senatus Chaplain
     Listen to Fr. Goode's audio clip about the need for Prayer for Priests, on the Archdiocesan Web Site
       (Click on the link opposite)               http://www.catholic-sf.org/multimedia.php?section=audio&id=64
Fr. Lawrence Goode, Chaplain of the San Francisco Senatus

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            The Senatus meets at 7 pm, every second Thursday of each month at Fr. Goode Hall (St. Finn Barr's Parish Center),
            415 Edna Street, San Francisco, Ca, 94112.   Take the Monterey Blvd. Offramp, from the 280 Freeway, in SF.
           Any Legion of Mary Member, Members of any Religious Order, Clergy, and visitors are invited to attend.

Map of St Finn Barr Parish
    Senatus Monthly Meeting