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                              We invite you, the ordinary Catholic, to join the Legion of Mary.
If you are an ordinary Catholic person, in good standing with the Church, and want to get closer to God, and do more for your Church, the Legion of Mary invites you to join. Many Parishes now are understaffed, and the Priests overwhelmed with work – they just have time for Masses and Parish work. That’s where you can help, by joining the Legion of Mary. Members visit the sick or those confined in homes, assist the Parish Priest in duties such as RCIA, perform as acting Ministers, visit Parish Homes, take a Parish census, conduct a Catholic Information Stand in a public place, talk with those interested in the Church, at fairs or on street corners, supervise children, and in general, promote the work of Christ and your parish.
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Who can Join?

The Legion of Mary invites the ordinary Catholic, regardless of age, sex, race, color, or place of national origin. (There are no distinctions in the Legion).
Children may join a junior Praesidium.
Mother & Child
A Legionary and his Catholic Book Stand, talking with a Passerby Junior Praesidium Members Senatus President & Vice President      Join the Legion as a Team!         Got a Friend? Join the Legion together!
                                             How do I Join?
Many parishes have a Legion group (called a Praesidium), which meets weekly. Notices may be posted in the Parish Bulletin, or you can ask your Parish Priest, or call the rectory. If your Parish does not have a Legion group, you may join in another nearby Parish, or email the Senatus (see Contact us), to find the location of a group near you. There are also groups for those who are foreign born, for example, a Korean Curia, or a Spanish speaking Praesidia. Next, show up at a meeting.
Praesidium Members
Family Shopping

Why are you, the ordinary Catholic, so important? You have a special circle of friends, a group of co-workers, neighbors, and you shop in markets, go to the theater, and carry out daily activities. Your own particular society may have non-Catholics, atheists, and Protestants. The Priest may not be able to enter this society.
You can influence those around you, and bring Jesus to them, even if only by example. Don’t just sit there at Mass on Sunday, and “that’s my obligation, period”. Invite others into the Church. Imagine how happy you will be when at last, you face the Lord, and you have brought your family and friends with you!
Will the Legion help you in this work? Absolutely!

                                        How much work is involved?
Legion members meet weekly, for about one and a half hours, at a time and day convenient for the members. The meeting begins with a Rosary, and then there is a Spiritual reading from the Legion handbook, the Bible, or other Catholic literature. After that, members discuss their weekly work assignment, and get a new assignment for the upcoming week, which is for two hours, at an agreed upon time, during the upcoming week. Members work in pairs, so it is easy for newcomers, because they will be assigned to work with an experienced Legion Member. Don’t worry about your lack of experience, talent, speaking ability, etc. It doesn’t matter. What is needed is your desire to help.

Legion Workers

The Common Experience of Legionaries: Members are often awed at the transformation of their lives, after joining the Legion. They feel protected during difficult experiences, and often get quick help even with ordinary daily chores. Rough spots are smoothed over, and quiet and politeness surrounds them, as they carry out their work. There is an increase in maturity, in courage, in ability, and strength to deal with difficulties, not just with Church work, but in our everyday work. It is an absolutely extraordinary experience. When you join the Legion, under Our Lady, you go first class. She is with you, guiding you, every step, and it is a life with a great depth and richness, regardless of who you are, and what your life’s work is…and, one thing else is very noticeable...You will learn.

Our Lady, Mother of God
Public Speaking in front of a large group is one of the most frightening experiences for the average person. At my first Legion Council Meeting, attended by 80 members, everyone there was an outstanding public speaker, without exception, even the smallest, most diffident person. It was extraordinary that every member could stand and speak openly, boldly, and coherently, and without fear. Get the Legion in your life. Public Speaking is undoubtedly the most important talent of any successful person. The Senatus President with Officers of the Korean Curia
Senior Legionary

A Legionary Tells Her Story:
Her job is to visit a nearby hospital, visit the sick, and bring Holy Communion to the patients, who otherwise would be without the sacraments.  She says, “I've been doing this for more than 20 years, and it's always a wonderful experience, and God always gives me the strength to visit every patient on my list - sometimes as many as forty”. This Legionary did this Legion work until age 101, and passed away at age 102.

Why be Alone! Toot Your Horn! Flowers & Surf Marian Shrine with a Maple Tree
Get in the Game!

Why be alone, troubled by the storm? Join the Legion of Mary. Get in the Game, and toot your horn for the Lord.
Bring some sunshine and flowers into your life, and those around you. Let Mary, the Mother of God, show you
the way to get closer to God, through the Legion of Mary, and to help your family, friends, and neighbors.

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