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St. Paul's Church

The Visitation of Homes has traditionally been the preferred work of the Legion, its special occupation everywhere, and its avenue of greatest good...
Through this visitation, personal contact can be made with a great many people, and the Church's concern for every person and every family can be shown...and not only Catholics, but those estranged from the Church, and non-Catholics, and those not Christian...

For all of them, The Church will have a word of truth, goodness, understanding, hope, and deep sympathy, especially in difficult or tragic difficulties.

The Legionary Vistitation will be marked by humility and simplicity...People sometimes expect to be lectured or criticized by representatives of the Church. On the contrary, Legionaries must at first listen patiently and respectfully to complaints, and then impart their own message of help and consolation.

Workers Approaching House

Life is a great storm, and everyone must face illness and death. It is having God with us in our lives, that enables us to face tragedy with courage, equanimity, and grace.

Those without God are often left to live and suffer alone, and their gates barred to God and the Church. Too many Catholics practise their religion in ways which are meant to benefit their own families, and are not at all concerned with their fellow man. This is the incomplete "Half Circle of Christianity"...we Catholics are often content only to bring God into our own lives, and forget and neglect others.

The Legionary rejects this. His work is meant to invite all friends, neighbors, and strangers, everyone, to participate in the Church, and to know God more fully.

Door Gate

Picture of Steps

Wonder what's behind this door?

Legion Pair at the Door "We're members of the Legion of Mary. Our Parish would like very much to have you join our Church....Are you Catholic? And can we help you learn to be a Catholic, if you aren't attending a Church?"
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