St. Louis Marie De Montford
                     Tutor of the Legion of Mary


                                                       St. Louis De Montfort
Louis Grignion was born at Montfort in Brittany, in northwest France, on January 31, 1673. As a child, he
developed a strong devotion to Our Blessed Lady, and at his Confirmation added the name Mary, to his own.
Thereafter, he always signed his name as Louis Marie de Montfort. His early life was marked by holiness,
and also by self- deprivation, which at times resulted in illness. As a young man, he continued his studies
at the Seminary at Saint Sulpice, and was ordained a priest there, in June of 1700.   His first works were in
Hospitals for the poor, in Paris, one established by St. Vincent de Paul, and at Poitiers. Although his work at
Poitiers lasted for only a few years, he established there an order of Nuns, the Daughters of Wisdom, which is
still in existence. After leaving the hospital service, he began preaching Missions, around Poitiers, until 1706.
Then, he left on a pilgrimage to Rome, to seek the guidance of Pope Clement XI, who saw his talent, and returned
him to France, as an Apostolic Missionary. In this capacity, he served in various Missions in the country, especially
in Nantes, where he began building large crosses, with the help of thousands of people.  In 1711, he left for the
Diocese of La Rochelle, where he began the most important phase of his life, which lasted five years.

This period was extraordinarily fruitful for Saint Louis.  Besides his daily work in the Missions, he authored two
works of great importance for the Marian Movement, "True Devotion to Mary", and "The Secret of Mary",
both of which are "an abounding source of inspiration" for the Legion of Mary. (To Learn more about
"True Devotion to Mary", click on the link below).  After a hard life of much sacrifice, and worn by years of toil,
St. Louis died on April 28,1716, at Saint Laurent sur Sevre. His tomb is shown below.
.         The Tomb of St. Louis De Montfort

In 1888, Louis Marie De Montfort was beatified, and in 1947, Pope Pius XI declared him a Saint. He left behind
an extraordinary group of Societies, The Company of Mary, The Daughters of Wisdom, and The Brothers of
Saint Gabriel, (Montfort Society),
all of which are now worldwide in scope. In addition to these religious groups,
The Legion of Mary, an organization of ordinary lay Catholic people, has always considered him as one of the major
Patrons of the Legion, along with St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist, St. Michael & St. Gabriel, St. John the Baptist,
Sts. Peter & Paul, and Mary's Legion of Angels.

Wooden Image of Mary, carved by St. Louis  

                                    From the Legion Handbook

"It can however, be safely asserted that no Saint has played a greater part in the development of the Legion than He. The Handbook is full of His Spirit. The Prayers re-echo his very words. He is really the Tutor of the Legion: thus invocation is due to him by the Legion, almost as a matter of moral obligation".

"....The Herald of the coming of the Reign of God through Mary, and the precursor of that longed for salvation, which in the fullness of time, the Virgin Mother of God will bring to the world through Her Immaculate Heart"
Cardinal Tedeschini

At left, Mother and Child, carved by St. Louis Marie De Montfort

Cover of True Devotion Book
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