Apostolate to the Crowd
Picture of the Blessed Virgin

A Legionary Hands out Pamphlets on a crowded Street

Apostleship views the bringing the full riches of the Church to every person. The basis of this work must be the individual and persevering touch of warm soul on another soul...(Handbook of the Legion of Mary)

This approach can be made on streets, in public parks, in public buildings, in bus and train stations, airports, wherever people gather...Legionaries must be most polite and deferential in approaching others...but also, remembering that Mary our Mother, will give the needed strength and courage, and the Holy Spirit will be the inspiration for the conversation...

Above, a Legionary passes out Pamphlets

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At right, a trio of Legionaries at the start of an Apostleship. There is first, the Public Recitation of the Rosary, and Legion Prayers. At the conclusion, each Person is given some supplies - Rosaries, Pamphlets, Miraculous Medals, and Catholic Information Pamphlets., to give to passersby. They are seemingly ordinary Catholic Lay People. But between them, there are four languages, years of experience at crowd contact, and great understanding of the Bible and the Legion Handbook...Yet, even the youngest, most inexperienced, and most shy Catholic persons experience great success from the start of their first Apostolate work. Every Catholic should experience firsthand the joys of this field work. Join the Legion of Mary!
Let the Legion show you how...

A Group of three Legionaries gather for the Apostleship

A Legionary talks to a homeless man
Legionaries work in pairs, and often are greeted with warmth and kindness, by people happy to discuss their religion, their life situation, or grateful to accept a Rosary or a Medal....Below, a group of young men cheerfully chatting with a Legionary, about God and Faith.
A Legionary provides a Rosary to a shopper
Picture of the Legion Vexillum
Picture of a group of young men, chatting with a Legionary
The Legion Work shown on this page, is being done at the 24th Street Bart Underground Station, in San Francisco. Legionaries gather here on the second Saturday of the month, at 10 AM, on the West (Uphill side) Plaza.. Since this work was initially suggested by the Legion Chaplain, it is called the Father Goode Bart Apostleship....Establishing a Crowd Contact base in your area is easy, especially at a public transit station, and after a few years, it too, will become a tradition... As a Catholic, share your faith with others. They will love you for it! And, You'll be surprised at how much your entire life will benefit from the help of the Blessed Virgin.
Map of 24th Street Bart Station
Family Photo
Statue of the Virgin Mary, with the Legion Vexillum
Picture of a group of young men, and a smiling Legionary
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