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The new San Francisco Senatus Office Address:  Address: 415 Edna St, San Francisco, CA 94112
Map of St. Finn Barr

To obtain information about the SF Senatus, for general questions, for problems, for assistance :

For questions about the web site, for general information, for assistance, email :

How to Join the Legion of Mary! The Legion has a group in most Parishes. Ask your Parish Priest about the Legion. If one is not
available at your Parish, there should be one at a neighboring Parish or in your community.
The Senatus Monthly Meeting

The Senatus meets at 7 pm, every second Thursday of each month at Fr. Goode Hall
(St. Finn Barr's Parish Center),
415 Edna Street, San Francisco, Ca, 94112.   
Going Northbound, take the Monterey Blvd. Offramp, from the 280 Freeway, in SF.
Southbound on 280, take the San Jose Exit, an abrupt right on Rousseau, then right on Bosworth,
then left on Diamond, then right on Monterey Boulevard, then left on Foerster Street one block, right onto Hearst, then one block to Edna Street.
Any Legion of Mary Member, Members of any Religious Order, Clergy, and visitors are invited to attend.
Map of St. Finn Barr

Senatus News Notes
Each Month, the San Francisco Senatus publishes the proceedings of the past Senatus Meeting. The News Notes
comprise a summary of Praesidia Reports, and those for each reporting Council. All Higher Councils from the far North,
Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Northern California, and Northern Nevada, report on a quarterly basis.
The successes and problems of each council are published for the entire Senatus, in the News Notes.
The Senatus Secretary sends a copy of the News Notes to each higher Council.
Ask your own Council Officer to send you a copy. The News Notes will also be posted on this web site, but in an
edited version which will protect confidentiality. (See the Council Reports Page).    Council Reports

                                              A Note as to Legion of Mary Supplies and Publications.
The San Francisco Senatus is a relatively new Council, and has not yet acquired a warehouse, or the facilities and staff
to sell supplies. A limited number of Legion supplies are made available to Legion members just prior to every Senatus,
but SF Senatus can NOT ship or mail Supplies. (See the Senatus Supplies page).
Supplies can be purchased from the Legion Groups below, subject to their inventories and availability.

The addresses of these groups are given below, for your convenience, but please check with them for details of purchase and shipping.
Certain publications like the Handbook, are also available online, and may be printed out as needed, at the Concilium web site.

(General Catholic Literature)

Below, Legion Publications

Arlington Regia
820 Gibbon Street, #203
Alexandria, Va.
A list of publications is
available online.

Miami Regia

A pdf list of publications is
available online

Philadelphia Senatus
5109 N. Broad St.
Philadelphia, Pa.

A list of supplies is
available online.

The Assist. Sec. for Literature:
Legion of Mary Concilium
De Montfort House
Morning Star Avenue
North Brunswick Street
Dublin 7
or by e-mail:

Below, Legion Publications
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