The Joy of Evangelization - a Legion of Mary Conference
Held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on August 23, 2014, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Fr. Lawrence Goode, Spiritual Director of the San Francisco Senatus
Archbishop Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco, was the main celebrant of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

The Theme: Bringing the Gospel, Jesus and Mary, and the Church to those you meet
Pope Francis' Apostolic Declaration, "Evangelii Gaudium" Challenges all Baptized Christians to engage in Missionary undertaking...

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Report on the Conference by
Br. Ando Perlas
President, San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary

Brothers and Sisters - I just want to thank you all for your help, support and participation in the annual Legion Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center. There are no words that could possibly describe what transpired on this very special day....I can only try...
  • It brought us all a little closer to one another. The Senatus world just became a bit smaller with the presence of almost 600 members from the different councils in Northern California, not to mention the Seattle Comitium exchanging views, brushing elbows (literally) to beat one another to the coffee line or in taking some of those free literatures and inexpensive items for sale.
  • It inspired all of us with the presence and words of wisdom of all our priests and Spiritual Directors, particularly Archbishop Cordileone, Fr. Joe Arong, Fr. Goode, Fr. Lim, Fr. Philip Singarayar. Fr. Bohnert, Fr. Joseph, Fr. Mark, Fr, Mendie Nguyen and all the deacons (Deacon Jerry, Deacon Kevin and Deacon Joe).
  • It taught all of us a new and deeper knowledge of what evangelization truly means giving us a sort of paradigm shift on how we are to take solidarity with the poor, the most wretched of them, listening to them wholeheartedly as if they are the masters and we are their apprentice.
  • It united all of us in spirit, in Christ thru Mary, in prayers, worship and praise as we partake of the Holy Eucharist together as one army with one common enemy.
  • It made us more indebted to Our Lady knowing how perfect the day had gone realizing that one single incident (such as flat tire, breakdown of the AV equipment or someone missing to bring the large host and many endless possibilities) could have transpired  and ruined the whole day but did not - because the Blessed Mother was there guiding us all along.. that she too, like all the organizers, wanted to make this day perfect for her Son.
  • It made us experience the joy of being evangelizers with a recharged apostolic spirit and a humble sense of our own limited knowledge of our faith.
  • It made us realize that there is still room for growth, that not all or even one person knows the entire Legion system and that the best way to learn is from each other and that the Legion is still in its infancy stage of development.
  • It made us all laugh, laugh at the foolishness of ourselves because we realize that we truly are "'fools for Christ"
  • And finally, it made me cry realizing that when all is said and done, our Blessed Mother did all the hard work on our behalf, while we did the easy ones.
God bless us all. Till the next one.

Sincerely and with much love and joy,

Bro. Ando
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