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            The San Francisco Senatus invites all interested Catholics to attend,
            sit in, and join with Legionaries at the Monthly San Francisco Senatus!

            The Senatus Meets the second Thursday of each Month at 7 PM,
            at St. Finn Barr's church, at 415 Edna Edna Street, off Monterey Boulevard,
            close to Freeway 280, near City College of SF.
            For more directions, a map, and details, see current calendar

March 13th

          SF Senatus Congress (For Directly Attached Praesidia)
          Saturday, March 13th, 08:30 to 3:30
          St. Cecilia's Church

          2555 17th Ave., San Francisco, Ca
           The Topics were
: 1) Membership Recruitment   2) Active and Auxiliary Membership
          3) Junior Member Recruitment   4) Duties of the Officers - President, Vice Pres, Sec, Treasurer.
          5) The Patricians, and  6) Street Apostolates.
          Approximately 35 Legionaries were in attendance.

March 21st
          SF Senatus Acies
         Sunday, March 21st, 1:30 PM
         St. Finn Barr's Church

         415 Edna Street
         San Francisco, CA, 94112
         (415) 333-3627

April 23rd

          Legion of Mary, Spiritual Directors Conference
          Friday, April 23rd, 11 AM to 5 PM
          Holy Name of Jesus Parish Center
          1555  39th Avenue, San Francisco, 94122
          Fr. Frederick Miller was the speaker (See below for his background)
          In attendance that day were 12 Spiritual Directors, 10 Priests, and 2 Sisters.
          Fr. Mark Ruburiano, one of the Priests, was once a student of Fr. Miller

April 24th
          SF Senatus Day of Recollection

         Saturday, April 24th, 8 AM to 4:00 PM
at St. Anne of the Sunset Church
         The Location was Moriarty Hall.
         Coffee, Orange Juice, Water, Rolls & Doughnuts were provided in the morning.
         Fr. Frederick Miller, Professor at St. Mary's Seminary, Emmettsburg, Md.,
         spoke on True Devotion to Mary
         Fr. Miller is the author of the acclaimed book, The Grace of Ars
         More than 180 people attended Fr. Miller's excellent presentation.

         All of the for books of "True Devotion to Mary", by St. Louis Marie de Montfort
         were completely sold out at the end of the presentation.

          St. Anne of the Sunset Church
          850 Judah Street, at Funston Ave
          San Francisco, Ca, 94122
June 6th

           Annual Corpus Christi Procession
   The 16th Annual Eucharistic Procession and Public Grand Rosary Rally started
          in front of St Patrick's Church at 1:30 PM, Sunday, June 6.
 The Legion of Mary
          was joined by 100 or more, for the Eucharist Procession through the streets of
          downtown San Francisco in commemoration of the Solemnity of the Most Holy
          Body and Blood of Christ. The attendance was less than usual, because there were
          four other Processions held simultaneously, at Mission Dolores, Corpus Christi,
          St. Agnes in the Haight, and another by the Archdiocese, so San Franciscans had a
          good chance to participate in a Procession their own districts.
          St Patrick's Church is located at 756 Mission St.
          (between 3rd & 4th) San Francisco, Ca. 94103.       
           There is relatively inexpensive Public Parking at the 5th & Mission Garage, 833 Mission St.
           Or, take the Mission Street Bus, or Bart or City Streetcars to Powell Street, and walk down.

August 21st

          The Annual Senatus Summer Function
   Was held on Saturday, August 21st, 9:30 AM to 2 PM, at San Bruno City Park, San Bruno, Ca.
         Area #14 Beckner Shed    (Click Picnic Flyer Link below for Directions)
         Thanks to all who organized the picnic, cooked the food, brought prizes, and
          participated in the games and dancing! A wonderful time was had by all!

Oct 15-22nd
       Peregrinatio Pro Christo - Stockton, California
       The PPC at St. Luke's Parish in Stockton was a great success!! 2350 homes were contacted,
       2500 Parish Bulletins handed out, and 253 non-practicing Catholics located. Sixteen
       Legionaries arrived, and another 14 Legionaries from Stockton participated. Senatus wishes to        thank all those who drove, helped out, prepared meals, and welcomed the Legionaries. Special        Thanks to the Fr. Juan Crespi Council of the Knights of Columbus, the Members of the Divine        Mercy, and the local Praesidia. There were usually 30 or more people at the excellent prepared        dinners each night. Like every PPC, there were interesting stories: A Legionary ran into a        young Catholic at a basketball court. He made a bet: "Will you go to Church on Sunday, if I        make this basket?" He was standing at half court, but picked up the ball, and heaved it -        naturally, it was all net...Another Legionary participated in door to door, even though she was ill        with Cancer, so think of her and pray for her recuperation.
      Thanks again to all Legionaries and friends, for your help, your backup, and your hard work.
                         The Officers and members of the San Francisco Senatus.

Dec 5th, 2PM

        Senatus Annual General Reunion
 Father Goode Hall, St. Finn Barr's Parish
        Thanks to all who came on a very rainy day, and provided food and flowers, sang and danced,
       and shared their talents, friendship and company.
       And thanks to the Officers of Senatus, the emcees Br. Dave and Br. Ando, and Br. Al who
       bought catered food, Br. Frost, Sr. Perlas for her piano accompaniment, and all those
       who helped set up.  And, don't forget that important group, the cleanup crew!
       Lastly, to all those members in SF Senatus, who worked hard over the year, for Jesus and Mary.
        Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year !!
        to all Legionaries everywhere, and for all those  members located  in Oregon, Washington, Idaho,
        Nevada, Utah, Alaska, and California, we hope to see next year!

Below, Senatus Events Scheduled for Every Month of the Year
Note: Some years, the events below may be moved to a different date,
if they happen to fall in Holy Week, or on Christmas Eve or Day, etc.

2nd Thurs.
each month
       The Senatus Meeting is held at 7 P.M. on the second Thursday of each month, at the Parish Center
       of St. Finn Barr Church in San Francisco, just off Monterey Blvd and Hwy 280.  
1st Sunday
each month
      The Senatus Bookbarrow is held at the San Francisco United Nations Plaza, very near the
      Bart Civic Center Station, at 7th & Market. The Book Barrow is stationed on Market,
      near the fountain. Drop on by, help the Legionaries - and later shop at the terrific farmers
      market located there! First Sunday of each Month, starting at 08:30 A.M.
Sat. after
      The Senatus Apostolate to the Crowd at Bart Station, 24th and Mission Street, San Francisco,
      Saturday, after Senatus of each month, starting at 10 AM.  Any Legionary is invited to attend.
      It's easy to get there on Bart, or on a Mission Street Bus. The area is sunny, filled with families
      and shoppers, a terrific Evangelizing experience! We start at the uphill (west) plaza.

Last Fri.
each month

     The Senatus Apostolate to the Crowd in the Tenderloin, Eddy and Jones Street,
     San Francisco, on the last Friday of each month, starting 7:45 PM (night).
     The location is close to the intersection of Market Street and 7th street Bart Station.
     We start in the recessed outer doorway at the Police Station auditorium, on Eddy St.
     Any Legionary is invited to attend.
Weekly      Pro Life Activities
The Legion of Mary asks for volunteers to help pray outside two SF Abortion Clinics.
    These clinics have regular business hours, but the Abortion dates are moved from time to time.
    For that reason, some planning is required. If you wish to help in this Pro Life service,
    please contact Br. John at contactLegionProLife  

    There are also many associated Pro Life Works and Functions.
    There is a calendar of Pro Life Events in San Francisco,
on this web site.
  Note: Some years, the above events may be moved to a different date, if they happen to fall in Holy Week,
or on Christmas Eve or Day, etc.
Special Events

         PPC: Chaired by SF Senatus, October 15th to 22nd, 2010.
         This event was very successful. See the report on the Stockton PPC.
         Location: St. Luke's Parish, 3847 N. Sutter Street
         Stockton, Ca. 95204

Pro Life
      The 6th Annual Walk for Life procession was held on Saturday, January 23rd, 2010, starting at the
      Justin Herman Plaza at the Embarcadero, in San   Francisco.
      More than 35,000 people walked for Pro Life!
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