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Jan. 25

                              The Celebration of the Jubilee of St. Paul,
                          Sun., Jan. 25, St. Paul's Church in SF, 1:30 –5:30 pm. 
The event was a success.  Thanks to Fr. Goode, who suggested it after the officers’ meeting with Bishop Wang early last year.  Fr. Goode  gave out guidelines at the August 2008 Officers’ meeting in East Palo Alto, and the officers, led by Br. Marten and Br. Perlas, met all the guidelines!  The attendance was good, around five hundred. Steve Ray and Dr. Ohm were equally good speakers.  The Music, by Frances Peterson and Anne Marie Mendieta,  was beautiful and enlivened the Mass.  It was evident that both musicians have worked together before.  Fr. Goode was at the Confessional during the entire conference  (very generous of him, and a great sense of sacrifice on his part!).  At the Mass, Bishop Justice thanked Fr. Goode for his faithful service of 31 years as Spiritual Director of the Legion in San Francisco.  The Host Pastor, Fr. Mario Farana was very accommodating, thanks to the good relationship between him and Br. Wehrmeister.  Br. Marten thanked the San Francisco Curia, specifically the two Praesidia that chaired the reception where people lingered and talked.  Overall, it was a great event – Legionaries shared time and talent – it was also worth all the expenses incurred.

March 22

              Acies, Sunday, March 22, 1:30 p.m., Holy Name of Jesus Church. 
This year was a great success for active and auxiliary members, and Bishop Ignatius Wang was the inspiring speaker. Bishop Wang mentioned that he was impressed and will attend an International Legion meeting in Taiwan.  Bishop Wang is retiring soon, so Senatus extends its best wishes to him. 

June 6 The Senatus Day of Recollection was held on Saturday, 8:30 AM to 3 PM, at St. Anne's Home, 300 Lake Street, SF. This event was very successful, and attended by more than 80 Legionaries. Thanks to Fr. Arong for his guidance as Retreat Master, and to the Sisters at St. Anne's Home for their hospitality. Thanks also to Br. Perlas and the Senatus Officers for arranging the retreat.
June 14
 The Eucharistic Procession with Rosary was held on Corpus Christi Sunday, through downtown San Francisco. The one and half hour procession began at 1:30 pm in front of St Patrick’s Church, 756 Mission Street, and traveled up to Market Street, making a loop, at the end returning back to St Patrick’s for Benediction. The event was promoted beforehand in the Bay Area on Immaculate Heart Radio, and was attended by more than 200 people. Senior and Junior Legionaries were on hand to pass out Rosaries along the route. Thanks to the Fathers at St. Patrick's for their participation and help.
August 1

 The Senatus Outdoor Function was held at 09:30 A.M. August 1st, at San Bruno Park at Crystal Springs Road, off Hwy. 280. The event was held together with North San Mateo Curia, at Area #14, Beckner Shed. Thanks to those Praesidia members who prepared and bought food, and to Br. and Sr. Perlas for organizing the festivities. Those who attended enjoyed the excellent food, and the games and dancing afterwards.

October 16th-23rd PPC, Peregrinatio Pro Christo at St. Rose Church in Sacramento, Ca. Oct. 16th-23rd, 2009.
 Location: St. Rose's Church, 5905 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, California, 95824
The PPC was a great and rewarding experience for those Legionaries who participated!
See the Sacramento PPC Report.

The Senatus Annual Planning Meeting was held Saturday, November 7, 2009, 9:00 A.M., at the Senatus Office, 2388  35th Avenue, San Francisco. Look for the new calendar in January, 2010.


The San Francisco Senatus Annual General Reunion was held on Sunday,  December 13,
 2 – 4 p.m., St. Finn Barr Church, San Francisco.
Thanks to Br. and Sr. Perlas for the music and the organization.

      Happy New Year, to all Legionaries, everywhere, and their families!

Below, Senatus Events Scheduled for Every Month of the Year
Note: Some years, the events below may be moved to a different date,
if they happen to fall in Holy Week, or on Christmas Eve or Day, etc.

2nd Thurs.
each month
 The Senatus Meeting is held at 7 P.M. on the second Thursday of each month, at the Parish Center
  of St. Finn Barr Church in San Francisco, just off Monterey Blvd and Hwy 280.  
1st Sunday
each month
 The Senatus Bookbarrow is held at the San Francisco United Nations Plaza, very near the
  Bart Civic Center Station, at 7th & Market. The Book Barrow is stationed on Market,
  near the fountain. Drop on by, help the Legionaries - and later shop at the terrific farmers
  market located there! First Sunday of each Month, starting at 08:30 A.M.
Sat. after
  The Senatus Apostolate to the Crowd at Bart Station, 24th and Mission Street, San Francisco,
  Saturday, after Senatus of each month, starting at 10 AM.  Any Legionary is invited to attend.
  It's easy to get there on Bart, or on a Mission Street Bus. The area is sunny, filled with families
  and shoppers, a terrific Evangelizing experience! We start at the uphill (west) plaza.

Last Fri.
each month

 The Senatus Apostolate to the Crowd in the Tenderloin, Eddy and Jones Street,
  San Francisco, on the last Friday of each month, starting 7:45 PM (night).
  The location is close to the intersection of Market Street and 7th street Bart Station.
   We start in the recessed outer doorway at the Police Station auditorium, on Eddy St.
   Any Legionary is invited to attend.
  Note: Some years, the above events may be moved to a different date, if they happen to fall in Holy Week,
or on Christmas Eve or Day, etc.
Special Events
         PPC: Chaired by SF Senatus, October 16th to 23rd, 2009.
         This event was very successful. See the report on the Sacramento PPC.
         Location: St. Rose's Church, 5905 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, California, 95824

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