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Pereginatio Pro Christo in Sacramento, California, in October, 2009
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Fourteen Peregini took part,  including two from Seattle! Legionaries from Sacramento also participated in the door to door.  The event was well planned beforehand, and Br. Miller organized maps of the area.  Participants met non practicing Catholics who were anxious to return to the Church, and also non-Catholics who wanted to become Catholic. They distributed 900 rosary packets which included How to say the Rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplet.   400 miraculous medals were also given out, and Pillar of Fire booklets. Thanks to those who participated and to the Sacramento Curia for hosting the event.

State Capitol in Sacramento
Peregrini at Sacramento
Rosary Pamphlet in English
Rosary Pamphlet in Spanish
The Rosary Pamphlet in English
The Rosary Pamphlet in Spanish
St. Rose's in Sacramento

The Interior of St. Rose's Church in Sacramento

.  The Peregini attended Mass each day, and a magnificent Columban drive was held at the Sunday Masses at St. Rose. There was a beautiful banner of Our Lady, and the  Legion altar. The Peregrini were able to address the people at the end of the Mass, and 134 people gave their names as interested in the Legion.  Br. Marten commended Sr. Williams for speaking in Spanish about the Legion of Mary at Mass.  Fr. Jesus Montoya wants to form a Spanish speaking praesidium at St. Rose. Br. Miller said that possibly Legionaries from Solano Curia could help.  Br. Williams and his wife are also willing to assist. The Pastor,  Fr. Kavanagh was very happy to receive a list of names of people met on the PPC for follow up. 

Reports by Legionaries:  Br. Marten
, Senatus President, said that participating in the PPC was pure joy and he is looking forward to the next one.  Br. Marten suggested that 2 or 3 Legionaries from other parishes go to help the praesidium at St. Rose to make call backs, since many Legionaries there are elderly.  Sr. Velicaria related that she was able to start an area the first day and finish it the last day.  The work was tiring, but she was encouraged by fellow Legionaries.  As a result of one visit, a lady wanted to have her three children baptized.  Door to door is required to find these people, and the follow up is important.
Marian Shrine at St. Rose's
The Marian Shrine at St. Rose

Br. Miller reminded Legionaries to not neglect people on the street when you go door to door.  He met many people who had drifted away from the church.  One young man with a family said “it’s time to go back to Church”.  Br. Rene, President of the Sacramento Comitium was there every day.  One card received said, “I’m so glad that Catholics can visit us".  Sr. Williams had past experience in the Dominican Republic with door to door, but even though it is difficult here in the US, she was happy for the experience, for example, she met a lady who has cancer but also has faith.

Concluding thoughts It is recommended that there would be a priest for future PPCs, expenses paid by the Senatus, and that call backs must be emphasized and better supported.   Statistics: total of homes visited 2,298.  Practicing Catholics met 252,  Nonpracticing Catholics 213, Non Catholics 579, not home 1254. Finally, It is a grace to give and serve in the Church, in gratitude for the great generosity of The Lord to us. (Report by Sr. Mary Peterson, and thanks to her for chairing the PPC)

                          Please try to attend the next PPC! It will be a great blessing in your life!
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