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Pereginatio Pro Christo in Stockton, California, in October, 2010
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Peregrinatio Pro Christo: St. Luke's Parish,
in Stockton,
October 15-22nd, 2010

2300 homes were visited, 290 practicing Catholics were met, 253 non practicing Catholics, and 415 non-Catholics.  Cards were filled out of those expressing interest in the Catholic faith as well as of non- practicing Catholics for follow up by the praesidium at St. Luke’s. 

Br. Marten thanked Sr. Peterson for organizing the literature and other items necessary, and to Br. Dymond for ordering it.  It was fortunate to have the PPC at St. Luke, the praesidium has 21 members, 14 of whom participated in the work.  The praesidium president was always there to help.  among the Peregrini were 2 from Seattle, 2 from Oregon, 1 from Oakland, 3 from North San Mateo and 8 from San Francisco. 

Br. Miller organized maps for Legionaries and laid out the assignments.  Neighboring praesidia prepared and served dinners. There were many grace filled contacts. Sr. Murphy, despite ill health, came from Oregon and could only do short assignments but was very successful in her contacts.  She was able to encourage a young man to go back to Church.  A seminarian assigned to the parish, originally from Mexico, was delighted to do the door to door assignments.  He is looking forward to being a part of the praesidium at St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park.  Br. Perlas reported that in two hours he had 6 or 7 significant contacts.  Br. Marten said that it is a great thing to go out with so many different kinds of legionaries, everyone has their own personality, their own approach. 

Thanks to the Stockton Praesidia Members and Friends that helped make the Stockton PPC a great success!

(Report by Br. Marten, Senatus President)

Photo St. Luke's Stockton
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