Report on the PPC held at St. Eugene's Parish, Santa Rosa, Ca. Sept. 2014
               Thanks to Br. David for Leading this Great Work!
           Door to Door Evangelization in Santa Rosa, Ca, In the Wine Country of Sonoma, North of San Francisco
          St. Eugene's Cathedral    2323 Montgomery Drive    Santa Rosa, Ca, 95405      
                 Friday, Sept. 12th, through Thursday, Sept. 18th, 2014

St. Eugene's Santa Rosa

Get the Schedule, Maps, Forms, and all the details for Santa Rosa 2014 PPC !!

PPC Report:
A new praesidium was established lastsummer at St. Eugene's, and the rector of the Cathedral was very cordial in inviting the PPC project. The parish is big – about one third of the parish was covered, and many cases were recorded for callbacks. There were at least six Legion PPC groups, which visited 2,157 homes, over a period of six days.  Seven Legionaries worked all of the days, and most commuted a long way from San Jose, Alameda, Benicia, and San Francisco.  Ten percent of the parish is Spanish-speaking – so the Legionaries promoted the start of the Spanish Mass.  Because the Santa Rosa Diocese was troubled with the Church problems over the last few years, many parishioners in that area were dispirited, and no longer attend Mass. Justin Kim, veteran San Jose Korean Curia President, said that he never saw people so angry.  His approach was to use Miraculous Medals and all said, “yes.”  It was felt that the Legionary presence helped to dissipate anger.  Br. Palencia also experienced people yelling at him. But, he was able to get three atheists to accept a Miraculous Medal - he told them, “You didn’t make the world and the stars..." Part of the PPC experience is to learn from fellow Legionaries, and three new members were gained for the praesidium. Finally, Catholic Radio was promoted – thousands of Catholic Radio Cards were distributed. 

Br. Perlas, President of the Senatus, commended the spirit of the Legionaries, which made the PPC special, despite the heat.  "Every Legionary shoud pray for those at PPCs - and thanks to Br. Marten, the PPC Leader, for his organizing skills and commitment".    

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