Legion Vexillum
      Peregrinatio Pro Christo
   Santa Rosa, California                                                          
                                              A Legion of Mary Apostolate                                
                Hosted by the San Francisco Senatus

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Date: Friday, September 12th, through Thursday, September 18th, 2014
St. Eugene Catholic Church
2323 Montgomery Drive
Santa Rosa, California, 95405

                                                                    Join the PPC!!     Who May Participate

Active Legion Members, Spiritual Directors, Seminarians, and Junior Legion Members who are 16 years and older.  The PPC provides a unique missionary experience of evangelization and sacrifice.  Each participant (Peregrini) will pay for their own transportation and accommodations. Peregrini stay together and work in pairs, and share meals in common.
 Concilium Rule:
  The PPC is open to active Legionary members only, and it is usual to participate for the full week.
                    However, if you can come for only a few days, you are welcome to join us.

                                                           First Day Schedule, Friday, Sept. 12th
Travel and Arrival day. The PPC begins with a dinner at 5:30 PM on Friday.
Daily Schedule and Meals - for Sat, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu
Please note a Schedule change for Sunday: Mass will be later, at 9:30, and the Legion Meeting will follow after Mass
                  8:00 - 9:00         Mass
                    9:00 - 10:30       Legion Meeting
                  10:30 - 12:30       Home Visitation
                  12:30 - 1:30         Lunch - your own arrangement
                    1:30 - 3:30         Home Visitation
                    5:30 - 6:30         Dinner for Legionaries at the Parish

This Schedule above will be followed each day from Saturday, through Thursday, except Sunday, when Mass will begin at 9:30, followed by the Legion Meeting.     The PPC will conclude on Thursday, Sept. 18th, after the 5:30 PM dinner.
The daily Legion Meeting at 9:00 AM, is the same as a weekly Praesidium meeting. Reports will be made on the previous day's work. The upcoming day's Door to Door location assignments will be given, and  partners appointed.  In previous PPC's, an average of 2000 homes were called upon, during the week, and from these calls, approximately 200 non-practicing Catholics were identified, and another 200 people expressed interest in learning more about the Catholic Faith. The Parish Praesidium will do the follow up, after the PPC.
 The Contact for the Transportation and Lodging will be Br. David Marten,   415-342-4633      email:   cadco@pacbell.net
                                                                              Transportation Details
Transportation to Santa Rosa can be arranged by Senatus, for those arriving at San Francisco Airport.  Please plan to arrive around noon, so that we can meet you, and then transport you to Santa Rosa, for the opening dinner. Departures can be scheduled for early Friday evening from San Francisco Airport. Our host parish is St. Eugene, the Diocesan Cathedral for Sonoma County. Would Legionaries from the San Francisco Bay Area, please form their own car pools as needed.
Lodging & Meals at Santa Rosa
   Accomodations have been arranged at a local hotel in Santa Rosa. Check with the Contact, Br. Marten (above) for details.  
  Each Legionary is responsible for their own travel and room.    Legionaries are also responsible for meals, except for dinner, which will be   provided each night, by the parish.
                                                                                About Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa is a community of around 172,000 population, located in Sonoma County, not far from the wine growing areas in Northern California.  It is about 60 miles North of San Francisco, about an hour of driving time. The days are warm and the nights cool, with an average high temperature in September of 83 deg. F, and an overnight low of 57 deg. F.  Please bring a lightweight hat or cap for sun protection, and a warm garment for the evening. The average rainfall total in September is about 1/4 inch, so there is not much chance of rain. The population in Stockton consists largely of 70% English speaking, & 29% Spanish speaking families, with some Asian families.
St. Eugene's Cathedral, in Santa Rosa: : St. Eugene's Parish, Santa Rosa, Ca
Picture of St. Eugene's Parish, Santa Rosa, Ca

        "Although this work is Heroic, your will find that Our Blessed Mother will make the week of this PPC
              one of your most enjoyable and rewarding of the year."
Br. David Marten, Leader, San Franciso Senatus PPC.      
                                   Email contact:  cadco@pacbell.net  
                                           Phone No.   415-342-4633

                Please register using the PPC Sign Up Form   
             Also, those who will serve as drivers, will you please sign and submit the PPC Waiver release form
   This is to ensure that drivers will carry auto insurance (the amounts mentioned are the common auto insurance values)

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