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Council Reports given at the September, 2011, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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               The Legion of Mary, San Francisco Senatus, is hosting
Family Rosary Crusade 2011 !!

                   Date: October 15th, 2011, starting at 12 Noon.        Location: San Francisco Civic Center

                        (A map and more information can be found on the Rosary Rally Page)
  Rosary Rally Page

                            All Legionaries and Catholics are invited to attend, this, the 50th Anniversary of
                          Fr. Peyton's  Rosary Crusade. If you cannot attend, please pray for the success of this event.
                         The program can be found on the official Rosary Rally web site,

                                 The Family Rosary Crusade invites all Catholics to attend

                        Also, please consider a donation for the Rosary Rally - since the crowd is expected to be
                           greater than 20,000, the costs of lighting, stage, security, and toilet facilities will be high.
                                               You can help with a donation, no matter how small.

                                                             Donations can now be sent to
                                                                  Family Rosary Crusade
                                                                      PO Box 422551
                                                               San Francisco, CA  94142-2551

Rosary Rally Page      Official web site -

1) The San Jose Comitium: The average attendance is 65% . There are Sixteen attached Praesidia, including 3 Junior Praesidia, and 4 attached Curiae: A Chinese Curia with 8 Praesidia, a Korean Curia with 18 Praesidia, a Spanish Curia with 4 Praesidia, and a Vietnamese Curia with 18 Praesidia. There is one Patrician Group, and a new Junior Praesidium was created in July, which will appeal to youth. Comitium Works include Door-to-Door, Homebound Ministry, Pilgrim Virgin, Pro Life, Detention Ministry, and CCD and RCIA. The Spanish Curia had a Book Barrow, helped 4 couples to have Catholic marriages, and helped a Protestant lady to return to the Church. The Diocesan Bishop has approved extension efforts, and several Priests have asked for Praesidia in their Parishes. Comitium is asking all councils and Praesidia, to please learn and comply with the Diocesan Financial Guidelines. The Comitium had a retreat at St. Claire's House, and a summer function at Murphy Park.
(Report by San Jose Comitium, and read by Sr. Velicaria, Correspondent)

2) The Oakland Comitium: A Mass was held at the Cathedral of Christ, to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Legion. Bishop Cordileone presided, along with 3 Spiritual Directors. There were 250 Legionaries present, including Br. Perlas, the Senatus Correspondent. There are 11 Senior Praesidia, with 79 active and 70 auxiliary members. Two new Praesidia were affiliated in the last year. Works are: Hospital and Home Visitation, Contacts with prospective converts, and Apostolate to the Crowd. The Oakland Comitium gave permission to their attached Korean Curia, to join the newly formed Northern California Korean Comitium.
Southern Alameda County Curia has 21 Senior and 4 Junior Praesidia, with a total of 214 Senior members, 27 juniors, 53 Praetorians, 1859 auxiliaries, and 69 Adjutorians. The Senior Praesidia had 10,305 Home Visitations, of which there were 122 lapsed Catholics, and 1 return to the Faith. Seven Praesidia approached 3000 people, during crowd Apostolates. Other Praesidia had a Book Barrow with 184 contacts, visited 1885 jail inmates, and are involved in CCD and RCIA. Four Junior Praesidia visited 62 homes, and there are two Patrician Groups. Mother of Divine Grace Praesidia, and St. Philip Neri, gave their first Annual Reports. They have 8 active members and 91 auxiliaries, and made 84 Home Visitations, did Pilgrim Virgin, 4 Enthronements of the Sacred Heart, and visited nursing homes. Two teenagers were sponsored in Faith Formation, and for their First Communion and Confirmation.
Question from the floor: Can juniors visit homes? Br. Miller stated that those over 16, should be able to do Senior work. He also suggested that Southern Alameda Curia should help Oakland for extension in Parishes without the Legion.   
(Report by Sr. Estrada, and read by Br. Perlas, the Senatus Correspondent)

3) North San Mateo Curia: Twenty four attached Praesidia, including 21 Senior Praesidia, 3 Junior, and one Men's Praesidium, and one Family Praesidia. The two attached Spanish Praesidia will become part of a new Spanish Curia. There are 253 active members and 2200 auxiliaries, and a new Spiritual Director, Fr. Joe Richards. Average Curia attendance is 57%, and the Curia treasury was audited. There are some Praesidia with vacant officer's positions. The Curia had a retreat at St. Claire's House, and the Summer Function. A Patrician Group was formed at Mater Doloroso parish, and hopes for larger participation. St. Dunstance is planning a Columban drive, and the Columban drive at St. Bruno was successful,with 100 names collected, resulting in an orientation meeting with Fr. Brillantes, Pastor, and Door to Door as a first priority. Curia works are Door to Door, Apostolate to the Crowd, Book Barrow, Homebound and Prison Ministries, and Pro Life activities, like participation in 40 Days for Life. The traditional Latin Mass is promoted. For Eucharistic Adoration, adorers are recruited, so that there is someone present for six days, 12 hours a day. Also, the council sponsors a Legion of Mary Day in different Parishes.

What is a Legion of Mary Day? The purpose is to promote the Legion and recruit members, at a different parish each week, which brings in new active and auxiliary members, and also families to host the Pilgrim Virgin. After all the Masses in the Parish, the parishioners are greeted and served coffee and donuts. There are Display Boards, with information about the Legion, and Legionaries present, to talk with those interested in joining the Legion.

                                                                                   *Totus Tuus*

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