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Council Reports given at the September, 2010, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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1) San Jose Comitium is improving several areas: Officer's workshops will emphasize the handbook code of ethics. Mandatory Audits of Treasurer funds will be required, as stated by Concilium. This is important as the Comitium has recently discovered that there has been misappropriation of Council funds, which must be recovered.   They are asking that all senior praesidia should have an attached junior praesidium, and that all praesidia and councils should have a spiritual director.  They are reaching out to their auxiliaries, and holding rosary crusades in different parishes.  A Spanish curia has been formed with three praesidia, and more to come.  A second Book Barrow is planned for another mall.  A summer function was held in August, and also a retreat at St. Clare’s retreat house. A one day retreat is planned for Advent.  Each week a praesidium is assigned to Pro Life work at Choice Medical clinic at San Jose. Legionaries do not counsel there, but pray and evangelize.  (Report by Br. Ray Badilla, Comitium Vice-president)

2) Oakland Comitium has 6 attached praesidia, with 65 active members and 500 auxiliary members.  There are 4 attached councils, the Chinese Curia, the Korean Curia with 9 praesidia, the East Contra Costa County Curia with 6 praesidia, and the Southern Alameda County Curia with 23 praesidia.  Attendance at the Comitium is 80%.  Reports show many Legion works are being done.  A major challenge for them is the formation of praesidia.  The president of the Comitium, Sr. Riley, is completing her second term in December.  The spiritual director is Fr. Philip Sing, OMI.  Senatus would like the Chinese curia to provide information about procuring Chinese literature. One source, the Concilium website, has the rosary in Chinese, which can be printed out.  The Comitium is planning extension at St. Jarlath's parish in Oakland. A plan for growth is needed. (Report by Br. Perlas, Correspondent)

3) North San Mateo Curia recently affiliated a Spanish praesidium from St. Bruno Church, and now has 25 praesidia, including three junior, one men’s, 2 Spanish, and one family praesidium.  Instead of Columban drives, the council organizes Legion information Days in all the parishes.  They have recently gained 6 active members and 20 auxiliary members in 4 parishes.  The visit of the Naidu family from the Family Praesidium to the Concilium was very successful.  They are planning an extension drive at Our Lady of Mercy parish, as the new pastor has invited the Legion.   This curia has so many praesidia, Concilium suggested it be divided in two.  Br. Perlas thinks that it is not feasible because of the small geographic area, and the meetings are manageable, but it is a future consideration. Southern Alameda County Curia is also large.  Br. Miller suggested that the strength of the curia could be used to help extension in other areas.  For example, Spanish speaking legionaries could help form new Spanish praesidia in San Francisco, at Corpus Christi and St. Charles, and the members from San Bruno could be assigned.  A Spanish curia is a possibility.  Sr. Aubin said that the San Jose Spanish curia is having trouble getting Spanish forms, so perhaps these can be put on the website.  (Report by Br. Miller, Correspondent)

4) San Francisco Mission/Excelsior Curia – Attendance at the council is up nicely, and the Treasurer's account is being better organized. There are now teams of legionaries whose work assignments are to form new praesidia, extending the Legion in Visitacion, St. John's, St. Charles and Mission Dolores parishes.  Each praesidium is asked to assign one member for extension.  A Columban drive is planned for St. Emydius this week.  The Vice-president, Br. Troche, has asked to resign due to health problems.  (Report by Br. McCormick, Curia president)

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