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Council Reports given at the September 2009, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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1) San Jose Comitium:  Attendance is 96%.  A Spanish Praesidium was started at Sacred Heart Church in San Jose; other parishes are encouraged to follow suit.  A young Adult Legion presentation will be held at one parish to recruit and start a Junior Praesidium, and also the Legion will be promoted at CCD Classes.  A Legion of Mary basketball team is being considered to attract the young.  Legionaries attended  the Training on Sidewalk Counseling near an Abortion Clinic on June 20, conducted by a sidewalk counselor, Nora Doherty, and Br. John Dymond.  When the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe from Mexico visited Choice Medical clinic, many Legionaries joined in prayer.  An Auxiliary Function was held on August 29.  A Rosary Crusade on October 10 is being planned.  The Summer Function was held in August.  Goals include intensive efforts to attract the young to the Legion, training on leadership skills, and the establishment of a Praesidium model.
(Sr. Dolores Yee, President)

2) Oakland Comitium:  Attendance at council meetings is 70%.  They have successfully formed 2 Praesidia and are working on one in another parish. Another 2 Praesidia, (a senior and a junior), were affiliated in Southern Alameda County.  The Oakland Korean Curia formed 1 senior Praesidium. A Columban Drive is being planned at St. Theresa’s Church.  Works include Door to Door Visitation, Crowd Apostolates, and Prison Ministry.  They also pray in front of abortion clinics.  They are full of enthusiasm  and high spirits because of a new Spiritual Director, after 20 years without one.  They are also encouraged by their correspondent.  Their goals are: a)  to encourage every member of attached Praesidia to do Door to Door evangelization, and b) to form a Patrician Group. 
(Sr. Evelina Riley, President, presented by Br. Ando Perlas, Correspondent)

3) North San Mateo Curia:  Attendance is 69 %, which they hope to increase.  The Vice president will call those absent at the last meeting.  Praesidium Visitors will remind the officers of their monthly responsibility to attend council meetings.  Extension efforts were made at San Bruno Church, and to another four parishes, and letters were sent to the pastors.  In addition to their many works, they also promote and coordinate Eucharistic Adoration and CCD.  Three senior members assisted at the second Traditional Latin Mass in the Archdiocese, which was celebrated at Mater Dolorosa Church (South San Francisco) with over 200 people in attendance.  (The first was at St. Francis of Assisi in East Palo Alto). A Youth Group was also established under the supervision of 3 senior Legionaries, and the first Youth Mass was celebrated in August.  Getting Legionaries involved with juniors is their biggest challenge.  (Sr. Carmen Perlas, President)

4) Nuestra Senora Del Refugo Praesidium, Reno Cathedral:  This Spanish Praesidium continues to meet after its higher council, the Northern Nevada Curia, closed over a year ago. (For that reason, it is directly attached to Senatus at present). It has 12 active members and 6 auxiliaries.   There is a president, a vice president, and 2 alternating secretary-treasurers.  This shared officership enables them to cover the meetings, needed because the Legionaries work in 2 different shifts.   There is a possibility of starting a Junior Legion because there are 7 girls available at the Senior Praesidium who can help. An English speaking Praesidium may also be started. 
(Sr. Grace Maynard, Correspondent)

5) SF Korean Curia asked to be excused due to health issues of the President.

6) SF Mission Excelsior Curia was not able to present a report due to sudden death in the family of the President


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