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Council Reports given at the October, 2010, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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1) Oregon Comitium:  There are 4 Senior and 1 Jr. Presidia, with 35 active members, 482 auxiliary members, no attached curia, and one Patrician group in Medford. The council attendance is 80%, and an extension is planned for another Junior Praesidium.  A Comitium trip to Brookings had to be postponed, and there are no Columban Drives or Exploratio Dominicalis planned. Most of their Legion work is homebound ministry.     (Report prepared by Sr. Sieg, President, and reported by Sr. Felina, Senatus Correspondent)

2) Seattle Comitium:  Br. John Simpson, Seattle Comitium President, and another member of the Comitium, are planning to attend the upcoming PPC in Stockton, California.  Br. John visited the Senatus Bookbarrow on a prior visit, and taking that as a model, started two book barrows in Seattle. The Comitium is also planning a fair, and lastly, Comitium now needs a Spiritual Director.
(Report by Br. David Marten, Senatus Correspondent) 

3) South San Mateo Curia:  They have 13 Praesidia,  including English and Spanish, and a junior presidium, and a Seminary Presidium at St. Patrick's. All of these Praesidia have Spiritual Directors, and the Curia Spiritual Director is Fr. Al Furtado. The attendance is around 50%.  The Curia set up a book barrow at Macy's at Hillside Court, and more than 200 people stopped by and were given Rosaries and Catholic literature. There is an extension drive at St. Gregory's, and an upcoming Columban Drive at St. Anthony's. Twenty seven people made the Consecration to Jesus through Mary.   Our Lady of the Pillar in Half Moon Bay, gave their 31st report. They have 10 active members, and 65 auxiliary members. Their work is visitation of the home bound, and those in hospitals and care homes.  Mother of Divine Grace in San Mateo, gave their first annual report. They have 6 active members and 15 auxiliaries, and their work is also visitation of the sick and homebound.   (Report by Sr. Marina Angeles, Curia President)

4) Salinas Curia:  There was 90% attendance when visited recently by Srs. Petersen and Fabi.  Our Lady Help of Christians, with 7 Active Members, gave their 13th annual report.  They have a Book Barrow, do Evangelization at public malls, visitation of the sick and homebound, some door to door, and hope to start a jail ministry program.  The Madonna del Sasso Praesidium has ten active members. Their works include a book barrow, door to door, and visitation of the hospitals and the homebound. Fr. Crevallo once forbad Legion door to door work at the Cathedral in Monterey, but after meeting with Br. Reichmuth, Curia Spiritual Director, this was changed to allow Legion door to door work.
 (Report by Sr. Fabi, Senatus Correspondent)

Portland Curia:  There are 5 Praesidia, with 32 active members, and 81 Auxiliaries.  A Columban Drive is being planned.  (Report by Br. David Marten, Senatus President)
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