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Council Reports given at the October, 2009, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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1) Oregon Comitium:  Attendance is 67%. The meeting in July was held in La Pine, OR, to give support to the Junior praesidium.  Two praesidia reported during the period.  The Spiritual Director, Fr. Carey, enrolled 90 people in the Scapular devotion at Sacred Heart Church in Medford.  Two praesidia jointly held a praesidium function celebrating Our Blessed Mother’s Birthday on September 8.  Three priests and 19 active members enjoyed an afternoon of prayer, song and fellowship.  A new praesidium has started at Central Point (Shepherd of the Valley Church); all offices are filled, and members were asked by the Pastor to visit lapsed Catholics.  Two Patrician Groups continue to meet each month.  Marian Day at Klamath Falls was cancelled because the Bishop, who has been coming for many years, will not be able to attend this year. (Sr. Mary Jane Murphy, Secretary)

2) Seattle Comitium:  With ten curiae and 14 praesidia, the Comitium is very busy.  During the last quarter, two new praesidia and three curiae reported, with works such as visitation to the sick and the homebound, and the Pilgrim Virgin.  One visit resulted in the baptism of a 35 year old man with leukemia.  One of their goals is to give instruction about the teachings of the Church, particularly to the young, in the hope that they may consider religious vocations, especially priesthood.  Visitations and extension efforts are being done.  A Retreat was held on September 25 -27 with 18 legionaries in attendance, and the Annual Reunion will be on December 5. 
(Br. John Simpson, President)

3) Salinas Curia:  A Congress attended by 40 Legionaries, was held on October 3, at San Carlos Cathedral, Monterey.  The schedule was as follows:  8:15 a.m. Mass followed by Legion Prayers and Rosary, then a talk by Fr. Patrick Dulley on “The Fruits of Labor”, and a talk on Spirituality by Deacon Paul Reichmuth, Curia Spiritual Director.  Topics included Conversion and Conservation, Door-to-Door Evangelization, and the Junior Praesidium.  Congress concluded with Benediction at 2:30 p.m. 
(Sr. Virginia Fabi, Correspondent, read by Sr. Mary Peterson)

4) South San Mateo Curia:  Attendance is 55%.  A new Secretary was elected in September. A second praesidium at St. Gregory was affiliated.  Seat of Wisdom Praesidium at Saint Patrick Seminary reported – they have eight active members and do pastoral work at various parishes where they are assigned. There was an Exploratio Dominicalis at Saint Francis of Assisi with other members from different parishes, seminarians, and members from the Senatus.  Another praesidium reported, with 10 members. Work is mostly Holy Communion Visits.  The Crowd Contact at the Annual San Mateo Fairin August  was a success, with over 70 volunteers, mostly Legionaries.  Over a dozen people gave their telephone numbers.  Some were interested to know more about the Legion, others are prospective volunteers.  A Congress was  held on October 3rd at St. Timothy Church. Topics were True Devotion, Enthronement of the Sacred Heart, and Officer Duties. Participants discussed Door-to-Door, The Patricians, PPC, and Exploratio Dominicalis.  Upcoming events are a Book-barrow on October 17th, a Retreat on November 14th, and an Annual Reunion on December 6th.  (Sr. Tessie Madrinan, President)

5) Portland Curia:  Their Attendance is 50%, and there are 4 praesidia, but no praesidium report in last quarter.  In the last few meetings, there has been much discussion about promotion of the Rosary by the praesidia.  They are participating in a Rosary Bowl at the fairgrounds in Salem on October 3rd , and in another in Milwaukee, a suburb of Portland, on Saturday, October 10th.  Several praesidia work to ensure that the rosary is prayed daily in their parish churches.  They are still working on organizing an Apostolate to the Crowd - perhaps the Senatus could send someone to help them.  (There shouldn't be a problem here.  Go to a crowded public area with some free Rosaries, Rosary pamphlets, Catholic literature and supplies, and start offering them to passersby, after saying the Legion Prayers. Don't worry about "expertise" or approach.  Just get out there and do it. You don't even have to say a word. People will come up and start a conversation. You'll be pleasantly surprised how successful you can be, right from the start... Br. Wehrmeister, Senatus Apostolate Leader)    (Br. Raymond Frost, Correspondent)

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