Summary of Reports Given at the 152nd Meeting
                            San Francisco Senatus, October 13th, 2016

A) Praesidia Reports
1) There was no Praesidium report this month

B) Council Reports from all around the Senatus

1)     Seattle Comitium of the Blessed Virgin Mary, reported by Br. Bosco Lam, Treasurer

Total attached Praesidia = 4 (46 Active; 227 Auxiliaries)

Our Lady Star of the Sea Korean Curia has 22 attached praesidia with 179 active and 12 Auxiliaries; Mary of Martyrs Korean Curia has 12 praesidia with 92 active and 356 auxiliaries; Mary Mother of Divine Mercy Curia has 7 praesidia with 42 active and over 250 auxiliaries; Mary Mother of God Vietnamese Curia has 13 praesidia with 93 active and 519 auxiliaries; Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament has 6 praesidia with 40 active and 150 auxiliaries; Our Lady of the Holy rosary Curia has 5 praesidia with 32 active and 338 auxiliaries; La Luz de Esperanza Curia in Redmond OR still needs to be affiliated.  Legion works include:  Evangelizing non-Catholics, visiting newly baptized parishioners, the elderly, the sick, the homebound, in hospitals, private homes, nursing and care homes; Door-to-door visitation, Enthronements, Bookbarrows, Legion workshops, RCIA teaching, Pilgrim Virgin Visits, Taking Holy Communion to the sick with Anointing by the priest, Promotion of everything Catholic.  The Vietnamese Curia used storytelling, poems, parables to catechize a 91 year old woman.  Before long, the priest baptized her and administered all the available sacraments available before she passed away.  This Curia through the years has had similar miracles in their report time and time again.  They were told that their spiritual work and miracles are attributable to their remarkable sanctity.  The first Comitium Congress was a delight and a success, a Spanish version is planned for November this year or February next year.  All attached praesidia and curiae have been visited by the Visitation Commission for the year.


2) San Francisco Mission-Excelsior Curia – reported by Sr. Tessie Velicaria, President

Total attached Praesidia = 10 (72 Active and 749 Auxiliaries).  Council attendance = 67%

Extension efforts in Mission Dolores continue.  They hope to start the Exploratio Dominicalis project in December.  Evangelization works include:  Door-to-door visitations, Apostolate to the Crowd, Book-barrow, Columban drive, Homebound Ministry, Sacred Heart Enthronement, Pilgrim Virgin, Catholic Radio Promotion, Frank Duff Prayer Group which is composed of parents of junior legionaries.) 

Evangelization highlights:  Met woman during a Crowd Contact who was feeling guilty after two abortions.  The legionaries encouraged her to go to Confession, accepted the Rosary and promised to see a priest at St. Peter Church.  At the PPC this year, a pair of legionaries met a middle-aged lady, a lapsed Catholic who after praying with them, hugged them and in tears, told them, “You made my heart so happy.”  A junior group at St. Elizabeth is yet to be affiliated.


3) Monterey Curia – reported by Sr. Virginia Fabi, Correspondent

This Curia has six attached Praesidia, all seniors.  Madonna del Sasso Praesidium gave their 13th Annual Report this quarter with three active members.  Legion works include:  Book Barrow, promotion of devotion of the Divine Mercy including the annually celebration of the Feast of the Divine Mercy with Bishop Garcia.  Enthroned the Sacred Heart in two homes, Hospital Ministry; Gave Holy Communion to 852 residents where Mass is celebrated every three months and patients are anointed during this time. 

The Lady of Good Success Praesidium gave their First Annual Report with four active members.  They conducted six Book barrows on a public busy sidewalk, Apostolate to the Crowd 12 times giving away 746 miraculous medals, they pray the rosary aloud on a busy downtown area on a weekly basis as they walk around handing out miraculous medals.  One member taught CCD, visited hospital and homebound and lead weekly rosary at a convalescent home.  Their goal is to increase membership and develop their Patrician group.


4) Portland Curia – reported by Brother Raymond Frost, Correspondent

Currently have four attached praesidia and four new praesidia being formed.    They had a successful annual retreat on True Devotion to Mary.  New legion works include Door-to-door visitation and Apostolate to the Crowd.  The current council president is completing her second term and preparations are being made to elect a new president.


5) San Francisco Spanish Curia – reported by Sr. Angela Miller, Correspondent

Fr. John Jimenez is the Spiritual Director.  There are four directly attached Praesidia. One praesidium from Mission Dolores, San Bruno, St. Veronica and Epiphany.  Membership: 37 active 270 Auxiliaries. Legion works include:  Visiting and giving Holy Communion to the sick at Laguna Honda.  The Curia is facing a lot of challenge right now with only one officer (Secretary).  The Senatus will contact and visit all the attached praesidia.

                                                                       San Francisco Senatus Allocutio
                                               by Brother Ando Perlas, President San Francisco Senatus

 “Tonight’s reading reminds us about the important virtue which is humility.  The Blessed Mother herself is the
true model of humility.  The whole idea of the reading is to acknowledge that we are sinners as they are. 
They may even be holier than we are.  We approach these people in a sense of true humility that we are sent
here by God and because God simply wants us to talk to them and as sinners as we all are, they may be saved
not because of us but because through us, God has saved them!”

C) Senatus Local Reports





We will plan another one next year.



Four legionaries participated.  One lady took a Rosary for her son while eleven took Rosaries for their family.  They also met a Protestant who knows his Bible and a Muslim who took a Rosary. 



Nine legionaries participated.  Met 27 contacts.

Story:  “I’m glad you invited me to go to church today, but usually they won’t let me in the door.” Why? “My name is Lucifer!  This brings a major principle to the legion apostolate.  It doesn’t matter who the people on the street are, we treat each one the same, whether drug dealer, street girl, business man, cop, drug user, politician, derelict, alcoholic, tourist, foreigner, families, celebrities (we have met several of them over the decades) or even Lucifer –but we treat them all as souls all loved by God.

Additional Reporting
Fourth Annual Legion Conference –
it was a huge success.  Brother Perlas received several emails from the different councils
expressing their affirmationthat this year’s conference together with the Spanish Conference was an instrument for the legionaries to
be motivated, inspired and connected. The attendance was around 750.  Thank you to all the speakers. 
There were a lot of volunteers who welcomed everyone at the door. 

Rosary Rally – With the presence of the Pilgrim Virgin of Our Lady of Fatima, it was a great rally! The Archbishop of San Francisco
carrying the Blessed Sacrament from the Cathedral processed with a great crowd to the plaza.   Tables for free materials were set for
the Legion of Mary, Knights of Columbus,EWTN, Immaculate Heart Radio.  Several priests were busy hearing Confession during
and after the event.  Next year, there will be a special ceremony for the Total Consecration of the city of San Francisco
to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Next year’s rally is on October 8, 2017 which is the 100th Centennial Anniversary of the
Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Fatima.

New Business and Announcements:

Annual General Reunion (with Mission Excelsior Curia) – Saturday, December 3, 2016 at St. Finn Barr Church, 600 p.m.

 Memorial Mass for Frank Duff – November 19, 2016, 10:30 a.m. at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church (organized by the San Mateo County Comitium)

Annual Correspondents and Planning meeting with Fr. Goode – November 25, 9:00 a.m. (after morning Mass) St. Francis of Assisi Church