Summary of Reports Given at the 153rd Meeting
                                             San Francisco Senatus, November 10th, 2016

A) Praesidia Reports

43rd Annual Report, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Praesidium (reported by Bro. Edgar Enoc, President)

Total Active = 9 Auxiliaries = 71.  Attendance is 85% for Officers and 90% for Members.  Apostolic Works include: Pilgrim Virgin where they discover sick parishioners who need to receive Holy Communion and the Sacrament of the Anointing.  They were able to form a group of 10 Auxiliaries who prayed the Rosary daily and join the family in an apartment building where the Pilgrim Virgin stays.  Children were also recruited for CCD classes. Five members teach CCD.  The Patrician Group has been in existence for 26 years.  Two members are part of RCIA team.  Fourteen families had the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in their homes.  Promote Catholic Heart Radio.  Six members were commissioned to give Holy Communion to the sick and homebound; Five members together with the Catholic Chaplain visit the hospital every Sunday.  A member was involved in the Prison Pen-Pal Ministry. 

B) Council Reports from all around the Senatus

1)    Anchorage Curia, reported by Sr. Tessie Velicaria, Correspondent

Total attached Praesidia = 8 (6 Senior, 2 Junior) Active=722; Auxiliaries = 722.  Council attendance is 75% for Curia Officers and 50% for Members.  A new praesidium established last fall is thriving.  Evangelization works include:  Door-to-door, Apostolate to the Crowd, Extension; Homebound/Hospital Ministry, Pilgrim Virgin or Family Rosary, Pro Life, Crowd contacts at abortion clinics, Natural Family Planning Classes, Project Rachel.  Other Legion apostolic works include: Junior legion supervision, Preparation for Baptism Classes; Faith Formation Classes; Inviting Non-Catholics to Mass; Young Adult Group Formation coordination; Washing of the feet of the homeless at Brother Francis Shelter; Promoting Catholic Radio, distributed sacramentals.  Juniors clean the Cathedral, visit shut in elderly.  Evangelization highlights:  Witness of one member 20 years ago outside abortion clinic, a mother found and met this member and told her of her 20 year old daughter all from her prayer presence outside the clinic.  A Junior Retreat was held in September.

2) Stockton Comitium, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom (report submitted to Sr. Symkowick, Correspondent)
     Sr. was not present to read it because she was brought to the hospital by Br. Marten

Total Attached Praesidia: 12 (10 Seniors, 2 Juniors) Active = 146; Auxiliaries = 698. Two attached Curia;  Percentage of attendance at the Council meetings = 64.  Evangelization Works include:  Door-to-door, Apostolate to the Crowd, B bereavement, Book barrow, Catholic Radio Campaign, Distribute Holy Communion to Care Centers, Homebound, Psychiatric Hospital and Care Homes, Sacred Heart Enthronement, Patricians, Prison Ministry, Pilgrim Virgins, Dawn Mass, Annual Rosary Crusade, Sponsored Weekly Holy Masses(Our Mother of Perpetual Help & Sacred Heart of Jesus, Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament); Annual Walk For Life; CCD, RCIA, LOM Conference and LA Congress, Silent Retreat.  Evangelization highlight: A member, CCD teacher is diligently recruiting children to join the Legion.  The Junior Legion members of this praesidium have now tripled since the last report.  Junior Legion officers and members are involved in an annual Children and Youth Day Festival.

3) Sacramento Comitium, reported by Bro. Charles McGoughlin, President

Total attached Senior Praesidia = 13 Total attached Curia = three (Solano Curia has 13 Seniors and 2 Juniors; North Area Curia has 9 Seniors; Northern California Counties Curia has 9 Seniors.  A retired priest from the Diocese has agreed to act as their Spiritual Director.  He has a great love for the Legion from his days as a Seminarian in Ireland and actually worked at the Concilium with Br. Frank Duff during his formation.  He lives in Sacramento.  A new Spanish Praesidium is being formed hoping to be ratified in their November meeting.  A Columban Drive is being planned for the next quarter.  Evangelization Works include:  Apostolate to the Crowd and Book barrow, Homebound Ministry and Sacred Heart Enthronement, Pilgrim Virgin, Prison Ministry and some evangelizing opportunities when serving in Parish Bookstore.  The Comitium had 70 attendendees at the Annual Legion Conference and all enjoyed and learned much from the experience.  They plan to involve the Parochial schools in forming Junior Praesidia.

                                                                       San Francisco Senatus Allocutio
                                                         by Fr. Lawrence Goode, San Francisco Senatus

"When I go to St. Mary’s Cathedral, I notice a bus-load of tourists.   They go around the Cathedral and seem very interested,
taking a lot of pictures.   We should have or find some Catholic literature in Chinese to be able to connect we them, and
call it Tourist Evangelization."


C) Senatus Local Report

Pro Life     Brother Ron K. reported that Star of the Sea Parish has formed a Pro Life Committee where a lot of young people
 are involved.


PPC  We will plan another one next year.

APOSTOLATE TO THE CROWD -  (24TH AND MISSION)  Two legionaries made 27 contacts; A guy said he appreciated
their street work and bought cans of coke for them.  Met a man who goes to Mass and took out his daily readings to show them.


APOSTOLATE TO THE CROWD - TENDERLOIN  (EDDY AND JONES)A weekend before the Halloween.   They met 22 contacts.
A passerby shook hands and thanked the Legionaries for their energy, work and free Rosaries.  A Muslim said (in passing),
“Don’t worship idols, only believe in God.” …a man across the street  had an exchange of words loudly …

Election of the Senatus Assistant Secretary –Bro. Edgar Enoc is the newly elected Assistant Secretary of the SF Senatus.

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November 2016

Senatus Assistant Secretary

Br. Edgar Enoc


November 2016

North Utah Curia - Correspondent

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November 2016

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November 2016

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Sr. Amy Passion



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