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The October 13th, 2012, Rosary Rally was held at the United Nations Plaza at 7th and Market in San Francisco,
very close to SF Civic Center Plaza, and also the Main Library -1700 attended!
(See further reports on the Rosary Rally below)
Council Reports given at the November 8th, 2012, San Francisco Senatus 105th Meeting (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

1) Idaho Comitium:  A new Curia, named the West End Curia, was formed with 5 praesidium. This leaves 5 praesidia directly attached to the Comitium. Three annual reports were given in the last quarter.  Our Lady of Victory has 7 active and 4 auxiliary members.  They visit the sick, promote Enthronement of the Sacred Heart and help in Faith Formation classes.  Our Lady of the Smile has 8 active members and 23 auxiliary members.  They visit prisoners, teach CCD and visit the sick in hospitals and in their homes.  Our Lady of Hope has 8 active and 41 auxiliary members.  They prepared 15 children for their First Holy Communion, assisted in the RCIA program, reached out to the Hispanic Community and prepared young people for the Quincienera ceremony.  A drive was held at St. Mary’s Church to gain more Legion members. (Report by Sr. Peterson, Correspondent)

2)  Stockton Comitium: Two new praesidia have been affiliated to the Manteca Curia: Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of All Nations. A junior and senior praesidium went on pilgrimage to Our Lady of Peace Shrine in Santa Clara.  The Comitium organized a bus to attend the Rosary Rally in San Francisco on October 13. (Report by Sr. Symkowick, Correspondent)

3) Anchorage Curia: They have 80% attendance at their council meetings.  The officers visited the Archbishop to ask his help in promoting the Legion to other bishops in Alaska, and to see if a pastoral conference on the Legion of Mary and the New Evangelization might be held.  Among their works are door-to-door visitation, homebound ministry, Pilgrim Virgin, pro-life sidewalk counseling, promotion of Eucharistic Adoration, Baptism preparation classes, Project Rachel, natural family planning classes, and organizing of Filipino religious tradition celebrations.  A bookkeeper audited their council’s treasury.  (Report by Sr. Velicaria, Correspondent)

4) Sacramento Comitium: The Comitium has  eleven directly attached praesidia, 10 English and one Spanish, and three attached curiae: Solano Curia, Northern California Counties Curia, and North Area Curia.  All officer positions are filled.  Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces Praesidium with five members, gave their annual report.  They instruct youth in the Catholic faith and conduct services at a care home.  Our Lady Comforter of the Afflicted Praesidium has 13 members who visit prisoners in the adult and juvenile justice systems. 
(Report by Sr. DeVincenzi, Correspondent) 

Below: Monthly Local Reports from the San Francisco Senatus, 105th Meeting, November 8th, 2012.

1) Extension: Br. Perlas reported that a meeting was held with the new pastor of Star of the Sea Parish in San Francisco, who agreed to open a praesidium and to choose a date for the Columban Drive.

2) Year of Faith: One plan is to promote Catholic Radio by organizing a Confraternity for Catholic Radio.  Br. Williams has come up with a plan, which will foster the evangelization efforts of the Church through Catholic Radio. Catholic Radio has the tremendous ability to affect large numbers of people.  We can ask people to hand out 50 Catholic Radio cards a month at many locations

3) Projects: Br. Perlas said that Handbook questions from Councils are arriving, and asked that all officers and correspondents continue to request questions.  Br. Perlas said that the database project is moving ahead.

4) Rosary Rally: Br. Marten said that originally we thought that the 2011 rally would be the only one, but with the guiding hand of Mary, the officials of the Archdiocese now want to sponsor a rosary rally in 2012, and every year.  The same space was booked as last year but due to a scheduling conflict, the venue was changed to UN Plaza. The Legion of Mary was responsible for much of the promotion of the rally. The Knights of Columbus provided security. There was tremendous silence overall during the Benediction – the sight of people kneeling on the stone sidewalk will never be forgotten.  Br. Marten said that the credit must be given to Father Goode for his vision for the rosary rally.  Suggestions for next year’s rally include offering Confession and allowing more time for Eucharistic Adoration.  The South Alameda Curia had four busloads in attendance.  

5) Annual General Reunion: December 9th at St. Thomas More Church.

6) Annual Planning Meeting, and Correspondents Meeting: November 29th at the Senatus Correspondence Office.

Below, an excerpt from Porta Fidei - Pope Benedict urges us to publicly profess our faith: "Confessing with the lips indicates in turn that faith implies public testimony and commitment. A Christian may never think of belief as a private act. Faith is choosing to stand with the Lord so as to live with him. This “standing with him” points towards an understanding of the reasons for believing. Faith, precisely because it is a free act, also demands social responsibility for what one believes.

The Church on the day of Pentecost demonstrates with utter clarity this public dimension of believing and
proclaiming one’s faith fearlessly to every person.
It is the gift of the Holy Spirit that makes us fit for mission and strengthens our witness, making it frank and courageous." With the Apostolic Letter of 11 October 2011, Porta fidei, Pope Benedict XVI declared a Year of Faith. This year will begin on 11 October 2012, on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Ecumenical Vatican Council, and will conclude on 24 November 2013, the Solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King.
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