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   Report on the Success of the Family Rosary Crusade ( Br. Marten, President of the Senatus)

The Senatus thanks Father Goode for his work in the formation and administration of the Rosary Crusade
- the Credit belongs to him.  Thanks also to the Senatus Officers, who worked hard beforehand. The event itself was a success - attended by parishioners from around Northern California, and there were buses from e.g., Sacramento and Stockton. Those who came had a beautiful and prayer filled experience, on a glorious fall day.   Approximately 3,000 Rosaries were given out, and the beautiful singing of the cantor, Frances Peterson filled the Plaza. Brother Marten said that Senatus had no prior experience for planning the Rosary Crusade, and intiially, no financial support for such a large undertaking, yet everything came together at the end.  There were some heavy expenses incurred by Senatus, for preparing the Rosary Rally, but all bills have been paid, thanks to the good donations collected on the day of the event. There is a 15-minute video on the Rosary Crusade on You Tube, and a recording of Father Apostoli’s entire homily. You can get a report here on the Home page, and also, a report on the Family Rosary Crusade 2011 web site, as well as links to the videos on You Tube.

After the event, there were a number of suggestions. Since there were quite a number of elderly people, it might have been better if some seating was provided - for example, enough temporary chairs for a senior citizen section, and a children & mother section. Sister Peterson suggested that the Cathedral might be a better location for the next Rosary Rally, since it could be followed by Eucharistic Adoration.  Brother Dymond said that it might be more effective to promote the Rosary in parishes. 
It is not yet known, if the Rosary Crusade will become an annual Legion Function. If this will be the case, the planning for next Year's Rally should begin almost immediately, while the experience and the contacts are still fresh.  

Rosary Rally Page
     Official web site -
1)  Stockton Comitium Report:  Attendance at council meetings is 72-79%. Their works are door-to-door visitation; home visitations; Apostolate to the Crowd with a public Rosary every Friday in front of City Hall; book barrow; homebound ministry with Holy Communion; Sacred Heart Enthronement; Prison Ministry; Pilgrim Virgin; Pro-life activities; CCD; Adult Faith Formation; and RCIA.There are 15 attached praesidia – 13 are senior and 2 are junior. The two attached curia are the Modesto Curia, with 6 attached praesidia, and the South San Joaquin County Curia, with four attached praesidia.  There is a Spanish Praesidium in formation at the Cathedral.  The Modesto Curia held a Columban Drive in October and added two active members, and some auxiliaries in one praesidia.  The Manteca Curia held an Exploratio Dominicalis on June 18, 2011 and Our Lady, Queen of Peace, St. Edward’s in Newark, CA joined the group.  
(Report by Sister Connie Ruelos, President, and read by Sr. Rose Symkowick, Correspondent)

2)  Idaho Comitium Report:  They celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the founding of the Legion of Mary on September 7th with Bishop Michael Driscoll officiating, and reported the event with pictures in the Idaho Catholic Register.  At the same time they celebrated the Birthday of Our Blessed Mother.  During this quarter there were three annual reports. (1) Our Lady of Victory gave their first annual report with 5 active members and 3 auxiliaries.  Their chief work is that of consolation.  They succeeded in having a non-practicing Catholic reconcile with the Church.  Before she died this lady received the anointing of the sick. (2) Our Lady of the Smile gave their 9th annual report.  It was a difficult year for them with illness, surgery and loss of membership.  One member is considering a religious vocation.  They are starting prison ministry.  There are four active members with two on probation and 19 auxiliaries. (3) Our Lady of Hope presented their 6th Annual Report.  They have 4 active members and 52 auxiliary members.  They prepared 23 children for First Holy Communion, and made nursing home and hospital calls to 255 patients.  All three praesidia have a Spiritual Director. 
(Report by Sr. Peterson, Correspondent)

3)  Sacramento Comitium:  Comitium attendance was 82.5 percent in July; 43 percent in August; and 52 percent in September.  The new Spanish Praesidium Nuestra Senora de la Puerta del Cielo has been affiliated with all officer positions filled.  The praesidium has 10 active and 2 auxiliary members.  The Sacramento Comitium now has 11 praesidia – 10 English speaking and one Spanish.  Our Lady Help of Christians gave their 74th Annual Report.  They have 2 active members and 63 auxiliary members.  Their works are visiting a health care center and bringing Holy Communion to the Catholic residents; door-to-door visitations; visiting and bringing Holy Communion to the homebound.  Our Lady of Fatima gave their 34th Annual Report.  Their active membership has increased to 4 and they have 115 auxiliaries.  Their works are book barrow at the annual parish festival; visits to the homebound; Enthronement of the Sacred Heart; bringing Holy Communion to the homebound.  Queen of All Saints Praesidium gave their 5th Annual Report.  They have 5 active members and 54 auxiliaries.  Their works are bringing Holy Communion to the homebound and nursing homes and door-to-door visitations.  There was a Columban Drive at St. Anthony’s and 20 people signed up.  The Korean Curia has become part of the Northern California Korean Comitium.  There are now 3 curiae attached to the Sacramento Comitium.
(Report by Sr. DeVincenzi, Correspondent)



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