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Council Reports given at the November, 2010, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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Peregrinatio Pro Christo: October 15-22nd, at St. Luke's Parish, in Stockton, California.
2300 homes were visited, 290 practicing Catholics were met, 253 non practicing Catholics, and 415 non-Catholics.  Cards were filled out of those expressing interest in the Catholic faith as well as of non- practicing Catholics for follow up by the praesidium at St. Luke’s.  Br. Marten thanked Sr. Peterson for organizing the literature and other items necessary, and to Br. Dymond for ordering it.  It was fortunate to have the PPC at St. Luke, the praesidium has 21 members, 14 of whom participated in the work.  The praesidium president was always there to help.  among the Peregrini were 2 from Seattle, 2 from Oregon, 1 from Oakland, 3 from North San Mateo and 8 from San Francisco.  Br. Miller organized maps for Legionaries and laid out the assignments.  Neighboring praesidia prepared and served dinners. There were many grace filled contacts. Sr. Murphy, despite ill health, came from Oregon and could only do short assignments but was very successful in her contacts.  She was able to encourage a young man to go back to Church.  A seminarian assigned to the parish, originally from Mexico, was delighted to do the door to door assignments.  He is looking forward to being a part of the praesidium at St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park.  Br. Perlas reported that in two hours he had 6 or 7 significant contacts.  Br. Marten said that it is a great thing to go out with so many different kinds of legionaries, everyone has their own personality, their own approach.  Thanks to the Stockton Praesidia Members and Friends that helped make the Stockton PPC a great success! (Report by Br. Marten, Senatus President)

1) Stockton Comitium report:  They have 15 attached praesidia, including two junior praesidia, with a total of 195 active members and 1150 auxiliaries, as well as the Modesto Curia with 6 praesidia, and the South San Joaquin County Curia with 4 praesidia. The Curiae had Columban drives, and were visited by Comitium. Council attendance is 70-75%, and they plan to increase attendance, have more Columban Drives, and promote the Legion of Mary to Youth. The June Congress was well attended. The treasury was audited by a CPA, which will be done this year also. There were new subscriptions for Maria Legionis. Works undertaken include door to door, Apostolate to the Crowd, Book Barrow during parish festivals, Prison Ministry, Group prayer in front of Abortion Clinics, RCIA, CCD, Adult Faith Formation and ARISE participation. One floor comment: "Comitium should also have book barrows in public places." A floor question: "Is evangelization at abortion clinics done, as required by Concilium?" Reply: "We do approach passersby."
Finally, Comitium thanked Senatus for the recent PPC, and felt blessed to have the PPC in Stockton.
 (Report by Sr. Connie Ruelos, President)

2) Idaho Comitium report: There is a new Secretary after several resigned in the past year. They have ten attached praesidia with 62 active members, 200 auxiliaries, and one attached curia, with three praesidia.  Attendance is 70% at council meetings, helped by car pooling. Works reported include homebound ministry, Pilgrim Virgin, CCD, Sidewalk counseling and pro-life praying.  A praesidium is being formed on a Native American reservation in Northern Idaho.  The Legion of Mary made public service announcements for Catholic Radio, and also were interviewed by them. They also had an advertisement in the Idaho Catholic newspaper. 
(Report by Sr. Mary Peterson, correspondent)

3) Anchorage Comitium:  They have an attached Korean Curia, and an all men’s praesidium in formation, but prayers are needed because of dwindling membership. There was 53% attendance at the Comitium, excluding the three distant praesidia.  The Vice-President and Secretary were elected for a second term, and the finances were audited. Comitium was visited by Senatus recently, and were encouraged to visit their distant praesidia. There is a real commitment to work together with the Korean curia.  The Senatus visitors reminded the council that work should be done in pairs. They are very good at doing sidewalk counseling
(Report by Sr. Velicaria, correspondent)

4) Sacramento Comitium: November 21 will be the 75th anniversary of the Legion of Mary in Sacramento.  A celebration will be held at Sacred Heart Church, the first home of the Legion, with Mass followed by a dinner at the parish hall. Three praesidium reports were given in the last quarter: Queen of All Saints praesidium has 6 active members and 52 auxiliary members. Comforter of the Afflicted has 12 active members, and Our Lady of Fatima has three active members and 118 auxiliaries.  Works  for all three include door to door visitation, hospital and nursing home visits, visits to prisoners with bible study and prayer, CCD, handing out Catholic literature at the Florin Road Farmer’s market, praying the rosary at an abortion clinic each week, Enthronement of the Sacred Heart, and bringing Holy Communion to the homebound.  A letter from Concilium, which asks that The Prayer for the Beatification of the Servant of God Frank Duff  be added to the daily Legion Prayers was given to Sacramento Comitium, to ensure that it will be performed as required.
 (Report by Sr. Devincenzi, correspondent)

North Utah Curia:  The council meetings have an average of 80% attendance.  Immaculate Heart of Mary praesidium in Tooele gave their annual report, which showed that they do door to door visitation in a mobile home park and recruit members there.  The curia is making an extension effort at St. Mary parish in Park City, in response to a request to Senatus from the priest there. (Report by Br. Frost, correspondent)

6) SF Senatus Praesidium Report: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
, St. Patrick: The 37th Annual report: There are 7 active members, including two married couples, 120 auxiliary members with 20 on probation, and 1 adjutorian.  Works include book barrow, RCIA, CCD, and Eucharistic visits to the sick and homebound.  Two members are the Parish Religious Education Coordinators.  Many children have been recruited for CCD by the Pilgrim Virgin program. A Marriage Validation Program was begun, and Mass for the Sacrament of Marriage for 10 couples will take place in February of 2011.  The Presidium Patricians meeting averages 20-25 members. Topics were “The meaning of the Resurrection in My Life”, “Why I am Still Catholic”, “Christian Images and our Catholic Faith", and “Why we Confess to a Priest”.  They began a monthly spiritual movie inspired by the Legionaries in Dublin. The movies were recommended by the US Council of Catholic Bishops, and  included “I am David”, “The Kite Runner” and “Avatar". There was group sharing afterwards to bring out those scenes that echoed our faith. They hope to soon have a spiritual director and they are planning to revive the junior praesidium.

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