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Council Reports given at the May, 2011, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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San Francisco Senatus is hosting the Family Rosary Crusade 2011 !!
Date: October 15th, 2011. Location: San Francisco Civic Center

All Legionaries are invited to attend, for this, the 50th Anniversary of Fr. Peyton's
Rosary Crusade. If you cannot attend, please pray for the success of this event.
The program will be published on this site, as soon as it is official.

Also, please consider a donation for the Rosary Rally - since the crowd is expected to be greater than 20,000, the costs of lighting, stage, security, and toilet facilities will be high. You can help with a donation, no matter how small.

Donations can now be sent to
Family Rosary Crusade
PO Box 422551
San Francisco, CA 94142-2551

Rosary Rally Page Official web site -

1) Idaho Comitium:  There were two reports in the last quarter: 1) A Spanish speaking praesidium, Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, with 10 active members and 5 auxiliary members, who do door to door visits, and 2), Our Lady of Tears, with 7 active members and 47 auxiliary members.  They promote Divine Mercy devotion, helped to form a new praesidium, and sponsored a healing Mass with 200 in attendance.  The praesidium also makes and distributes scapulars.   A very dedicated spiritual director, one of the first in Idaho, recently passed away.

2) Sacramento Comitium:
  The position of Spiritual Director is now vacant.  The Korean curia has 10 praesidia, with 74 active members and 52 auxiliary members.  The Acies for the Comitium was held on March 20 and was very successful.  Our Lady of the Sacred Heart praesidium has 5 members.  Their works included bringing Holy Eucharist to the sick, visiting nursing homes, and instructing children in the Catholic faith.  Immaculate Heart of Mary praesidium was closed, so Comitium now has 11 attached praesidia.  There will be a Columban drive at St. Rose parish to recruit more members for their praesidium.  Br. Miller reminded the meeting that making Rosaries, although necessary and extremely valuable, cannot be reported as active legion work.  Accepted Legion Work is evangelization, with person to person contact.

3) North Utah Curia:
  Their spiritual director, Msgr. Bonnell, who has been very faithful and dedicated to the curia for many years, is retiring and moving back to his home town in Ohio.  He will be missed.  The attendance at the curia meeting has been good.  The acies was successful.  They are planning extension work at St. Andrew parish in Riverton where the PPC was held several years ago.  They also had a discussion at their meeting about pro-life prayer and work at abortion clinics. Prayers are requested for the husband of Sr. Maurice, curia president, who is very ill.

                                                                                   *Totus Tuus*

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