San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary
Council Reports given at the May 2009, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes)

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1) Stockton Comitium:  Attendance is 65 - 70%.  A Columban Drive for a Praesidium resulted in 2 new active members and some auxiliaries.  They also do Legion works including Catholic Faith Formation and RCIA, and were at the Right To Life event in Manteca, well covered by the media, as an Apostolate to the Crowd.   Some children were taught how to pray the Rosary by a CCD team, composed of legionaries from St. Anthony’s in Manteca. Goals for the coming months:  1) Step up extension efforts in parishes, especially by appealing to the youth, and 2) have Columban Drives. 
(Sr. Connie Ruelos, President)

2) Idaho Comitium: The Acies was held on March 21, 2009.  A Congress will be held in conjunction with a weekend retreat on Saturday, June 27th.   (The proposed Congress Agenda was submitted separately to Senatus).  Br. Marten and Sr. Peterson will participate, and Bishop Michael Driscoll will close the proceedings with Mass on Sunday, June 28th.  Three Praesidia reported last quarter, with active memberships ranging from 4 – 10.  Works included Jail Ministry, Eucharistic Visitation to the Homebound, and visitation to residents of care facilities.  (Sr. Mary Peterson, Correspondent)

3) Anchorage Comitium:  Attendance was 47 % at the February 21st meeting.  Acies was scheduled for Praesidia in the city and in Wasilla, for March 28, at St. Benedict Parish in Anchorage.  The remote Praesidia in Fairbanks and North Pole will have their Acies at Sacred Heart Cathedral on March 21 in Fairbanks.  The Praesidium in Soldotna continues to meet, but has only 3 members.  During Lent, the members were encouraged to participate in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and the recitation of the Divine Mercy chaplet.  The Korean Curia has 4 attached Praesidia, and the officers positions are filled. (Sr. Tessie Evelyn Velicaria, Correspondent)

4) Sacramento Comitium: There was 54% attendance at the March 22nd meeting. The 2010 Acies will be on March 28.  Our Lady Help of Christians, the oldest Praesidium in the Diocese, and older than Sacramento Comitium, presented its 70th Annual Report.  Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Praesidium, and three Curiae, also presented their reports.  At the April 26th meeting, attendance was 60%.  Mother of the Church Praesidium presented its 34th Annual report.  Due to an accident in the family of the president, the North California Counties Curia was not able to present its report.  As the Comitium President’s term will soon expire, an election will be held on June 28.  Br. Bergerson of the Solano Curia said that he is available to be nominated. (Sr. Carol De Vincenzi, Correspondent)

5) North Utah Curia:  Pray for Curia President Roxanne McCuster, as she had to resign due to illness.  There are a total of 5 Praesidia in the Curia, all in the Salt Lake City area, and there was no Praesidium report in the last quarter.   Acies was held, and at the prior meeting, there was a discussion of the importance and significance of Acies.  A Columban Drive was held at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.  The Senatus Correspondent encouraged NUC to consider participating in the upcoming Senatus Peregrinatio Pro Christo, and in the promotion of the Divine Mercy Chaplet, especially as they had their meeting on the Feast of Divine Mercy.  (Br. Raymond Frost, Correspondent)


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