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Council Reports given at the March, 2011, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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1) San Jose Comitium: they have 13 senior and two junior praesidia, and 4 attached curiae.  The attendance in the last quarter was around 70%.  New Comitium Officers were recently elected, at the request of their Spiritual Director.  The Officers will present a quarterly plan, which provides guidelines and ensures integrity, and  records must now show accountability and transparency. The diocese of San Jose is auditing the Comitium treasurer’s books, and the Comitium will budget for a CPA to conduct the audit for 2011. Officers will also strive to achieve sanctification, and will be visiting the attached curiae. They will request the help of the  Bishop of the diocese, to establish contacts with all the parish pastors, and two leaders of the Comitium will be chosen for Extension purposes. An Exploratio Dominicalis is planned in Milpitas by the Spanish curia.  Evangelization works reported include door to door visitation, book barrow, homebound ministry, Pilgrim Virgin, Prison Ministry, and Visitation of Nursing homes and hospitals.  There is one patrician group.  They wish to promote Maria Legionis magazine, and subscription order forms were given them.  Br. Marten commended the San Jose Comitium for their conduct during the election of the new officers, at which he and Sr. Velicaria, correspondent, were present.  (Report by Br. Lutgardo, Comitium President)

2) Oakland Comitium:  They commend their Spiritual Director, Fr. Philip, OMI.  They have 6 directly attached praesidia and 4 attached curiae: Southern Alameda curia with 23 praesidia including 4 junior; a Chinese curia with 4 praesidia; the Eastern Contra Costa curia with 6 praesidia, and a Korean curia with 10 praesidia.  The Comitium closed two praesidia - after a discussion with Br. Perlas, during his visit to the Comitium.  (Report by Br. Perlas, Correspondent)

3) San Francisco Korean Curia:  They have recently elected four new officers: President: Br. John Lee,  Vice President: Br. Pio Lim,  Secretary: Sr. Maria Seo;  Treasurer: Sr. Joanna Lee.  Br. Perlas spoke about the possibility of the formation of a Korean Comitium among the 4 Korean curiae in San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento and San Francisco.  They are already meeting from time to time as part of the Northern California Korean Catholic Community.  A formal proposal to form this Comitium is expected to be received by the end of April.  Br. Perlas said he thinks it will strengthen the Legion. (Report by Br. Wehrmeister, Correspondent)

4) North San Mateo Curia:  Br. Marten commended the curia for a wonderful celebration of their 25th anniversary.  Br. Perlas offered copies of the 25th anniversary program, which may also be seen online on the Landmarks page of the Senatus web site,  There are a total of 26 praesidia, including 2 spanish, 3 junior and 1 family praesidium, totaling 263 active members and 2200 auxiliary members.   A new praesidium from Our Lady of Mercy in Daly City has been affiliated.  There was a successful Columban drive at St. Dunstan, and there will be another at St. Bruno.  Works include door to door, apostolate to the crowd, book barrow, promoting the traditional Latin Mass and Eucharistic Adoration.  Some members participated in the Senatus apostolate to the crowd last month.  There is a Legion of Mary day each month in one of the 9 parishes in the North San Mateo area.  With this is an ongoing recruiting drive - What is a Legion of Mary day? - this notice is put in the bulletin and parishioners are invited to the parish center, where there are boards displaying aspects of the Legion of Mary. They are still looking for a Spiritual Director for the Council.  A successful Legion workshop was held, and the Acies will be March 26.   
 (Report by Sr. Perlas, President)

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