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Council Reports given at the March, 2010, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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1) San Jose Comitium is emphasizing the recruitment of active and auxiliary members, and is also working to improve their junior and young adult memberships. Rosary Crusades are scheduled throughout the year in many parishes, with great participation from parishioners. There is new leadership for the Comitium’s Book Barrow apostolate, and there will be training for this apostolate during the upcoming officers’ workshop.  The Legion of Mary Booth at the Santa Clara Convention Center was a success, with the participation of English, Spanish and Chinese speaking legionaries. A new Comitium secretary was elected.  The Acies will be held on March 27,  and the Annual General Reunion was held on December 5th at Our Lady of Peace Church.  The Comitium is in the process of forming a Spanish speaking Curia.
(Sr. Dolores Yee, President)

2) Oakland Comitium.  Thanks to the Senatus website, a group of Chinese speaking Catholics contacted the Senatus and asked about forming a Curia in Fremont.  Already four praesidia have been formed, and the Curia established and affiliated to the Oakland Comitium.  The Bishop of Oakland has appointed a Spiritual Director, Fr. Paul Chen
Fr. Goode noted that Fr. Ku started a Chinese curia in San Jose which is attached to that Comitium, and also has praesidia in other areas.  Br. Perlas said that we now have a source for Chinese literature which can be gotten from Taiwan.  In other news, the Oakland Comitium made the decision to close two praesidia.
(Report by Br. Perlas, correspondent)

3) North San Mateo Curia   They have a total of 24 attached praesidia including 3 junior praesidia, an all men’s praesidium and a family praesidium.  The attendance at their council meeting is 85%.  The coming year they will continue  promoting the Legion on Affirmation Sunday in the eight parishes which have the Legion, for example at Mater Dolorosa parish, which netted three new active members.  They served refreshments and had displays promoting Eucharistic Adoration, the Family Rosary and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart.  The DVD “Meet the Legion” was also shown. An alternative title was suggested:  Legion Awareness Sunday.  Among the works of their council are door to door visitation, apostolate to the crowd, prison ministry, Pilgrim Virgin, Sidewalk counseling, and the teaching of CCD.  They promote the Traditional Latin Mass as encouraged by Pope Benedict. One weekend they conducted a study session, and Fr. Young, who celebrates the Traditional Mass, spoke. Several conversions were reported because of the visit of the Pilgrim Virgin, and a miraculous cure of cancer.  They are planning a pilgrimage for the juniors and their parents to the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace in Santa Clara.  Letters were sent to pastors asking for permission to start the Legion in parishes, but there is not yet a response. One pastor changed his mind about allowing the Legion, because the parish council was against it.  It was proposed that the Legion should ask to speak at the parish council.  Br. Miller suggested that two Legionaries go to the parish unannounced to reach out to this Pastor.  Graces from this approach could win the day. 
A legionary stated that in Ireland, they advertise in the newspapers to get new members... Sr. Marilyn Perez, former Curia president recently passed away, and may she rest in peace.  (Report by Sr. Perlas, Curia President)

4) San Francisco Mission Excelsior Curia.   They will hold their first Acies as a council on March 21, at Corpus Christi Church.  They are seeking to have better attendance at their meetings.  Sr. Velicaria said that the Spiritual Director is very enthusiastic. (Report by Br. Perlas, Correspondent)  


      A Concise History of the Beginnings of the First Legion of Mary Praesidia in San Francisco

(Although this is a Praesidium Report, given in February, 2010, it is included below because of the History of the SF Legion).

Our Lady of Annunciation, St. Gabriel Church gave their 46th annual report.  The report was given by Sr. Mary Foudy, former President of the San Francisco Comitium and the longest serving Legionary in San FranciscoShe gave a short history of the founding of the first Praesidia in San Francisco.  Fr. Cantwell, pastor of St. Monica Church, visited Ireland in 1933, where he saw the Legion.  When he returned to San Francisco,  he founded three praesidia, the first at his Parish, and the second at St. Agnes, where the praesidium of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary still exists today.  The third parish was Most Holy Redeemer. The pastor there insisted that Mary Foudy should join their praesidium, which she did, in 1937.  Father said, "Please, just try it!", and Sr. Foudy said “I am still trying it", and later, she helped to start another Praesidium at St. Gabriel's Parish.  Next, members of the praesidium at St. Gabriel started a praesidium at St. Cecilia, so this is the history of the first Praesidia groups in San Francisco...Sr. Foudy read one of her poems entitled “Legionary Courage”.  Br. Perlas suggested that they be added to the Senatus website, or submitted to Maria Legionis, along with a photo of Sr. Foudy.  St. Gabriel's praesidium currently has 6 active members and 100 auxiliary members.  They bring the Pilgrim Virgin to homes every week, and Holy Communion to the homebound, and instruct people on praying the rosary. They visit the sick in the parish, make consolation visits to those grieving, and do works of service, such as driving elderly to the doctors and to church.  Br. Perlas suggested that a Columban Drive be held to increase membership.  Sr. Peterson urged that a Legion banner be brought to Columban Drives.   (Report by Sr. Mary Foudy, long time member of St. Gabriel's)

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