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San Francisco Senatus is hosting the Family Rosary Crusade 2011 !!
Date: October 15th, 2011. Location: San Francisco Civic Center

All Legionaries are invited to attend, for this, the 50th Anniversary of Fr. Peyton's
Rosary Crusade. If you cannot attend, please pray for the success of this event.
The program will be published on this site, as soon as it is official.

Also, please consider a donation for the Rosary Rally - since the crowd is expected to be greater than 20,000, the costs of lighting, stage, security, and toilet facilities will be high. You can help with a donation, no matter how small.

Donations can now be sent to
Family Rosary Crusade
PO Box 422551
San Francisco, CA 94142-2551

Rosary Rally Page Official web site -

1) San Jose Comitium:  Attendance is averaging 66%, and Comitium visited 10 Praesidia in the last quarter. Works include door to door, homebound ministry, Pilgrim Virgin, Pro-Life, CCD, and RCIA, and one Patrician Group.  They have 15 attached Praesidia, including 2 junior Praesidia, and 138 members. There are 4 attached Curiae, A Chinese Curia with 8 Praesidia, a Korean Curia with 18 Praesidia, a Spanish Curia with 4 Praesidia, and a Vietnamese Curia with 22 Praesidia.  New Praesidia are planned, hopefully with the endorsement of Bishop McGrath of the Diocese. A retreat is planned for the last week of July, and a summer function of August 13th.  Extension is planned for St. Lucy and Most Holy Trinity, and the Pastor at the latter, Fr. Samaniego, has been very helpful.  Fr. was a junior Legionary, and encourages young people to join the Legion. The Spanish Curia held an Exploratio Dominicalis in Milpitas on Palm Sunday,  at St. Elizabeth Parish, which resulted in much better Mass attendance.  390 Homes were visited, 220 Catholics contacted, and 45 non-Catholics as well... 
There is a new (safeguarded) Treasury procedure.  Comitium Funds are deposited to Our Lady of Peace Parish, and overseen by the Diocese of San Jose.  The present balance is $1390.  The Comitium can draw upon the funds by filling out a form, attaching the proper receipt, and then be reimbursed in a few days.  Br. Lutgardo, Comitium President, provided a financial report to Teresa Conville, Financial Services Director of the Diocese, about the status of the Legion of Mary as a parish based group in the Diocese.  It also demonstrates compliance with the Diocesan rules, so as to be able to use the Diocese Tax ID number.  (Br. Lutgardo, Comitium President, was commended for a thorough report

2) Oakland Comitium: There will be a celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Legion of Mary on Sept. 4 in the Oakland Cathedral, with Bishop Cordileone presiding.  Attendance was 270 at their Acies.  Two retreats are also planned, for St. Clare's. Since the total number of attached praesidia in the Comitium is down to six, Br. Perlas is encouraging extension. The Chinese curia gave their first report. They have 5 senior and 2 junior praesidia, and works include RCIA and home visitation.  There are two new praesidia in the Southern Alameda Curia.  The tax id issue is being discussed in the Comitium.  Br. Williams asked if there is a Chinese handbook available for Senatus use.  Fr. Goode noted that Chinese praesidia have been started by Fr. Matthew Ku in various parts of the Bay Area, not just in one diocese. (Report by Br. Perlas, Correspondent, from email)

3) Korean Curia:  The Morning Star Praesidium gave its 14th annual report.  The Bay Area Korean Legion Community  had a retreat on  6/18/11, Saturday, 9:30am-6:00pm. 
(Br. Wehrmeister, Correspondent, from the Monthly Report by Sr. Maria Seo, Curia Secretary)

 4) North San Mateo Curia:  They have a total of 253 active members and 2,200 auxiliary members, and 24 attached praesidia including 3 junior, one men’s praesidium, and one family praesidium.  Attendance averages 63 percent at the curia meetings.  They do not have a spiritual director as this time. Extension is underway at St. Dunstan and St. Bruno parishes.  The treasury was audited by a CPA.  Works assigned include Door to Door, apostolate to the crowd, book barrow, homebound ministry, Sacred heart Enthronement, Pilgrim Virgin, Prison Ministry, and the 40 days for Life Respect life vigil.  The Traditional Latin Mass is promoted and also Eucharistic Adoration.  A junior workshop will be held this summer, and the Junior praesidia will be reporting at the summer curia meeting  Over 300 attended the Acies.  A Legion of Mary day is held every second Sunday in one of the nine parishes in the Curia area, and new active and auxiliary members have been recruited as a result. A topic for study of the faith is introduced and discussed at the Curia meeting each month.  There will be a silent retreat in July.  The Curia will join the Senatus for the Apostolate to the Crowd.  Br. McCormick said that it was a very good report but suggested using the report form which is on the Senatus website. Br. Miller suggested subscribing to Maria Legionis magazine for spiritual directors, and also subscribing for those priests who are not spiritual directors. (Report by Sr. Perlas, President)

5) Mission Excelsior Curia:  they have a total of 9 praesidia, including two junior praesidia, and a total of 56 active and 601 auxiliary members.  There are two officer vacancies in the attached praesidia.  Average attendance at curia meetings is 70%.  Their Acies went well at St. Anthony church, with 125 in attendance,  and a strong exhortation by their spiritual director Fr. Liptak, for holiness and evangelization.  About 25 curia members attended the Day of Recollection with the Senatus.  Nine praesidia officers were appointed in the last quarter, including two from the English praesidium Lady of All Nations Our co-Redemptrix, and  all four from the Spanish praesidium Nuestra Madre de los Dolores from Mission Dolores parish. Extension is underway for the Spanish speaking, with one praesidium at Corpus Christi and four at St. Charles.  Each month the curia sponsors a book barrow and apostolate to the crowd.  At Geneva and Mission the Apostolate to the Crowd is reaching a great number of people.  They have rosary instructions in Tagalog, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English and Vietnamese.  Last month they made contact with close to 100 people.  The main problem of the curia is not having enough people to adequately get new praesidia functioning on their own.  Their goal is to start more new praesidia in parishes that have none.  (Report by Br. McCormick, President)

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