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Council Reports given at the June, 2010, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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1) San Jose Comitium -  A recent rosary crusade was held at St. Victor parish, and there will be another at Holy Trinity Church.  The parish priests are participating.  In answer to a question about the Rosary crusade, Sr. Trinidad said that there is also a Mass and procession, which helps the Legion have a connection with the parish priests and parishioners.   An officers' workshop was held in May, to train officers in door to door work.  They are collaborating with Juan Diego Society in Pro-Life activities, such as praying before abortion clinics, and outreach to the women. They will also ask the auxiliary members to pray for this intention. Br. Troche said that the Comitium is doing great good to pray to end abortion. Sr. Trinidad said that a Spanish speaking mother decided not to have an abortion, after speaking with the Legionaries.  We need to be really involved in this work.  Let the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother help us. The Comitium has set a goal to have a junior praesidium for each senior praesidium, and also are planning to establish a Spanish Curia, and to expand their book barrow.  Sr. Jimenez commended the effort to have more junior praesidia.  Br. Perlas said that the handbook is clear – every senior praesidium should have a junior praesidium. Br. Santa Maria asked what works can junior praesidia do?  Br. Perlas referred him to the list given in the handbook, but said there can be other works as well, for example, they can make Rosaries and help in the church.  Br. Randy Hernandez, a very committed legionary, and former Comitium president, had to resign for personal reasons. (Report by Sr. Trinidad, President)

2) Oakland Comitium – They have four attached curiae, six directly attached praesidia (the small number is of some concern).  The Southern Alameda Curia has 19 attached praesidia.  There are 6 praesidia in the Contra Costa curia, and the Chinese curia has 4 senior and 1 junior praesidia. All the praesidia in the Chinese curia have 11 or 12 members.  Br. McCormick asked if they are bi-lingual, and if they have material in the Chinese language.  Br. Williams said that they will be asked to help us procure Chinese literature.  The Comitium is also planning Workshops and a retreat at St. Clare’s Home as well. (Report by Br. Perlas, Correspondent)

3)  Mission Excelsior (SF) Curia – They have a total of 7 senior and 3 junior praesidia, with 56 active and 401 auxiliary members.  All offices are filled.  Average attendance at council meetings is 60%.  They had their first Acies which went very well, with a beautiful choir, and  around 100 in attendance.  The Spiritual Director, a Salesian, Fr. Liptak, was wonderful.  Around 30 members attended the Senatus Day of Recollection on the True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary/ The Curia is working to form Spanish praesidia at Corpus Christi and Mission Dolores parishes, as well as an English praesidium at Mission Dolores.  The pastor at St. Charles, who has a special love for the Legion of Mary, is encouraging the start of a praesidium there after a meeting with members of the Curia.  They have appointed five new praesidium officers since January.  Each month they have an apostolate to the crowd and a book barrow.  A number of their members have been praying at the abortion clinic on Eddy street.  It seems that the abortion clinic unexpectedly closed down for a day.  The Vice-President calls and reminds all the officers the week before the curia meeting. 
Br. Marten praised the work of the curia secretary.  He seconded the suggestion to have a team that specializes in starting new praesidia.  Br. Perlas said we should have many praesidia in one parish, not just settle for one in a parish.
(Report by Br. McCormick, Curia president)

4) North San Mateo Curia – they have 26 attached praesidia, 22 senior, 3 junior and 1 family.  Two senior praesidia are Spanish speaking.  They have a total of 271 active members and 2,160 auxiliary members.  Average attendance is 75%.  They are preparing to audit their treasury next month.  Works done include door to door visitation, book barrow, prison ministry and pro-life activities.  They are planning a summer pilgrimage to Our Lady of Peace shrine and Five Wounds Parish for their junior members and other youth.  A Spanish praesidium at San Bruno church, formerly affiliated to the San Francisco Comitium, is now affiliated to the North San Mateo Curia.  The curia always has at least 30 visitors from the praesidia.  They are planning extension at Our Lady of Mercy parish in Daly City.  There has been a positive response to Legion Affirmation Sundays. The curia spiritual director, Fr. Balaswamany is completing his service in the Archdiocese, so they will be looking for a new spiritual director.  They are planning a retreat July 30 to August 1, and have prepared a five year report on the Family praesidium.  
(Report by Sr. Perlas, Curia president)
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