San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary
Council Reports given at the June 2009, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes)

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1) San Jose Comitium:  Attendance is 80%.  Extension efforts continue at St. John Vianney and Queen of Apostles Parishes.  Several auxiliaries were recruited at a Rosary Crusade on April 25.  An Apostolate to the Crowd is being done every 2nd Saturday of the month at a shopping mall. The Summer Function will be held in August, and Sidewalk Counseling training will be held on June 20.  Some future goals are: Step up efforts to recruit junior members, continue to conduct legionary officer training, start a Spanish praesidium, and make Legion presentations to the young adults in one parish.  Also, a council website is being developed.
(Br. Randy Hernandez, Vice president)

2) Oakland Comitium: Bishop Cordileone appointed Fr. Phillip, O.M.I. to be Oakland Comitium’s Spiritual Director. (Oakland has not had a Spiritual Director for the last 20 years)... Attendance is 70%.  A Praesidium is in formation in one parish (the pastor asked the parishioners to start one) and another Praesidium was affiliated with the Korean Curia.  There is a plan for a Columban Drive in July.  Senatus prayers are asked for Br. Bob Lauriston, past president of the Comitium, who is not well. (Br. Ando Perlas, Correspondent)

3) North San Mateo Curia:  Attendance is 70%.  A new  junior Praesidium will be affiliated at the next curia meeting.  There is great hope for starting the Legion at St. Bruno parish..  Through their Prison Ministry, 2 inmates were baptized and a born-again Christian returned to the Catholic faith.  The Curia is engaged in Pro-Life activities.  There is also a plan to train some young adults in Summer, to teach abstinence to unmarried young adults.  The council’s Treasury was audited last year, and a senior workshop will be held on June 20.  Rejuvenating their young Legionaries and the adults who supervise them is a challenge.  (Br. Ambrose Calonsag, Vice President)

4) SF Korean Curia:  The President of the Korean Curia, Br. Lee, was scheduled for surgery, so Senatus prayers are asked for his recovery and      good health.  Their Curia Report will also be given in an upcoming meeting.

5) SF Excelsior Curia: A report will be made in an upcoming meeting.

6) Reno Praesidium:  The praesidium will be visited soon in an upcoming month by Senatus members.
    (The Curia for this Praesidium has disbanded, so Reno Praesidium is attached to SF Senatus pro tem)
    (Sr. Grace Maynard, Correspondent)

7) Result of the Election of the Senatus President – The floor was opened for nominations for the office of President.  Br. Dave Marten
    was nominated.  Since there was no other nomination, Sr. Peterson proposed that the nomination be closed, and Sr. Symkowick seconded the     motion.  Br. Marten was then elected President unanimously, and Congratulations to him for his second Term!


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