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San Francisco Senatus is hosting the Family Rosary Crusade 2011 !!
Date: October 15th, 2011. Location: San Francisco Civic Center

All Legionaries are invited to attend, for this, the 50th Anniversary of Fr. Peyton's
Rosary Crusade. If you cannot attend, please pray for the success of this event.
The program will be published on this site, as soon as it is official.

Also, please consider a donation for the Rosary Rally - since the crowd is expected to be greater than 20,000, the costs of lighting, stage, security, and toilet facilities will be high. You can help with a donation, no matter how small.

Donations can now be sent to
Family Rosary Crusade
PO Box 422551
San Francisco, CA 94142-2551

Rosary Rally Page Official web site -

1) Seattle Comitium has 10 curiae and 13 attached praesidia.  The Comitium president and Vice-president met with the Archbishop liaison. An important topic was to ensure that all Legion members working with the junior praesidia, have taken the Safe Environment Policy course. The Comitium is having a Mass to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Legion, and an article will be submitted to the Catholic newspaper.  Extension efforts are continuing.  Br. Simpson requested that the Yakima curia be allowed to attach a praesidium from Oregon, which was started by the same priest who founded the curia in Yakima.  The Praesidium is much closer to Yakima than to Portland.  The Senatus gave its approval, after Fr. Goode and Br. Marten authorized it. In the last quarter two annual praesidium reports were given, including a praesidium with eight members of Mandarin and Cantonese speaking legionaries. They invite non-believers to RCIA and accompany them on their journey to baptism.  Another praesidium has 14 active members, including 9 praetorians. Their pastor provides strong support, and has assigned them to bring Holy Communion to the sick.  They reach out to the poor, and also to non-Catholics.  Quarterly curia reports: A Vietnamese curia has 13 praesidia, and over 400 attended their Acies. An English speaking curia with 5 praesidia promotes the Divine Mercy Chaplet, helps with RCIA, and elementary and junior high religious education programs.  The first report of the Spanish curia in the Yakima diocese was given.  They have four praesidia, including one in Oregon, where Fr. Juan Carlos, the spiritual director is assigned.  One praesidium goes door to door to search for homes to receive the blessed Mother image.  They also visit nursing homes.  (Report by Br. Simpson, Comitium President)

2) Portland Curia:  They have four attached praesidia. They are meeting to prepare for Door to Door visitation,  and discussing the life of Frank Duff, on this, the year devoted to him.  An African priest who attended their council meeting, suggested naming their Curia with a title of the Blessed Virgin.  Portland is planning to meet with the Rogue Valley Curia as they did last year. (Report by Br. Frost, Correspondent)

3) Salinas Curia: During the last quarter, three praesidia reported from the cities of Salinas, Monterey and Carmel. Each praesidia has four or five members, and promotes the Divine Mercy Sunday celebrations. Door to door has been re-incorporated into the list of works. A Columban drive was held by one of the praesidia, which gained one active member and 11 auxiliaries. The manager of a supermarket agreed to allow the bookbarrow a permanent place. The Senatus representatives will make a visit to the Curia in August.
(Report by Sr. Fabi, Correspondent)
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