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Council Reports given at the July, 2010, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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1) Oregon Comitium -  there was improved attendance during the last quarter, although there is one office that needs filling. The Spiritual Director in Shady Cove,  Fr. McHugh, is retiring due to poor health. He has attended each praesidium meeting for the past 16 years.  Our Lady of Fatima praesidium gave their annual report.  They have 5 active members and 55 auxiliary members.  They teach CCD and bring Holy Communion to the sick and homebound.  The Comitium will travel to Bend, Oregon, and will meet with Portland Curia for the first time. 
(Report given Sr. Lapuz, Correspondent, from the report by Sr. Murphy, Curia President)

2) Seattle Comitium:  The council has 10 attached curiae and 15 directly attached praesidia. They have recently affiliated a  Spanish speaking curia in the Yakima diocese, with a complete set of officers for all 3 attached praesidia.  The Spiritual Director of the curia is the driving force behind the Legion.  Two annual praesidium reports were given in the last few months.  One Praesidium has 10 members and the other 11.  The praesidium Mary, Help of Christians has formed Mandarin and Cantonese RCIA teams to invite non-believers to become Catholic, and help them prepare for baptism. Our Lady of Prompt Succor brings Holy Communion to homebound parishioners and has a Pilgrim Virgin apostolate. There are a large number of Vietnamese Legionaries in several curiae.   Work reported included the visitation of prisons and visitation of the sick.  Extension efforts are ongoing at St. Margaret and Blessed Sacrament parishes.  The book barrow at Pike Place Market is making many contacts.   (Report by Br. Simpson, Comitium President)

3) South San Mateo Curia:  There were two annual reports in the last few months:  Mater Ecclesiae praesidium has 10 active members and 171 auxiliary members.  They visited more than 1000 homes during door to door in the past year.  Immaculate Heart, Queen of the Christian Home praesidium has 9 active members and 75 auxiliary members.  Their works include door to door visitation and bringing Holy Communion to the homebound.  The Curia sponsored again this year The book barrow Catholic information booth at the San Mateo County Fair from June 12 to June 20.  At least 6 volunteers were on hand each day in the booth.  Three priests also spent time meeting the people there.  Contacts were made with more than 1000 people.  About 54 people became auxiliary members and several are interested in becoming active members.  A non-Catholic lady asked to be taught to pray the Rosary.  Extension work is planned at St. Gregory, St. Timothy and St. Francis of Assisi.  (Report by Sr. Angeles, Curia president)

4) Salinas Curia:  They have a total of 6 praesidia, and three gave reports in the last quarter.  Our Lady of Lourdes praesidium at San Carlos Cathedral in Monterey, has 9 active members. They visit residents of seven convalescent homes, two residential homes and one mental health home.  For now they do not have door to door visitation, but they hope to undertake it in the future.  Our Lady of Fatima of Sacred Heart parish in Salinas has three members.  They did door to door visitation, teach CCD and hosted the Divine Mercy Sunday celebration with the Divine Mercy Spanish group.  A Columban drive is suggested for them.  Our Lady of Bethlehem praesidium of Carmel Mission Basilica gave their 10th annual report.  They have 6 active members and 119 auxiliary members.  They do door to door visitation, have a book barrow and visit 4 rest homes.  They organized the Divine Mercy Sunday celebration at the Basilica with about 150 participating. 
(Report by Sr. Fabi, Correspondent)

5) Portland Curia:  A junior praesidium is being formed in Beaverton, and has 6 girls ranging in age from 10 to 16, as junior members.  The Senatus correspondent asked the curia for a more detailed treasurer’s report each month and this has been provided to Senatus.  A social meeting is planned with members of the Oregon Comitium for later in the month.  A member of the Portland curia visited the Portland Korean curia to establish contact with them.  Rosa Mystica praesidium of the Portland Curia gave their annual report.  They do door to door visitation and will be expanding efforts to promote the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart. (Report by Br. Frost, correspondent)

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