San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary
Council Reports given at the July 2009, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes)

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1) Seattle Comitium: There are 10 Curiae and 15 Praesidia, although 1 praesidium was lost in May. The Comitium Spiritual Director will retire in December, and the Treasurer's position has been vacant since January. At the June meeting the ending balance was $45.80, and members were reminded that the funds received from them are used for running the council and its projects, for example, extension.   One new Praesidium, with 6 members, is being formed in North Seattle.  They are working on having a book-barrow in Pike Place Market.  A Retreat is being planned for September 25 –27 at Camp Brotherhood in Mt. Vernon, with Fr. William Treacy as Retreat Master.   (Br. David Marten, Senatus Correspondent)

2) Salinas Curia:  There are 7 Praesidia and a Patrician Group.  Two Praesidia presented their annual reports during the last quarter.  Works include door-to-door visitation, CCD, communion calls in health facilities, book-barrow and sick visitation.  They also prayed in front of 2 abortion clinics, and  these were later closed down.  Their outdoor function will follow after the July Curia meeting, and Senatus plans an upcoming visit then.  (Sr. Virginia Fabi, Correspondent)

3) South San Mateo Curia:  Preparations are underway for the Legion booth at the San Mateo County Fair from August 22 – 23, from noon to 11:00 p.m., where the Curia has given out many thousands of Rosaries over the last 21 years.  The Curia average attendance for May and June is 52%, and  they were visited by Senatus in June.  A second Praesidium is in formation at St. Gregory, in San Mateo. The Curia hopes to open senior Praesidia in 3 parishes and junior Praesidia in 2 others.  The president of the Seminary Praesidium was ordained a Priest, in May 2009, for the Diocese of Sacramento.  The Patrician group at St. Mark is in its 7th year, with St. John Vianney, Patron Saint of parish priests, as its topic in August.  Four members participated at the prayer vigil at the Planned Parenthood and Abortion Clinic in San Mateo, for the “Forty Days for Life” campaign.  One baby was saved and two others believed to have been saved.  Future events include a Congress on October 3, and a Retreat on November 14.  (Sr. Tessie Madrinan, President)

4) Portland Curia:  This young curia is in its 2nd year of existence, and  is making plans for the following activities: 1) a Book-barrow, 2) Public Rosary in October, 3) Publicity for the Legion of Mary in the archdiocesan newspaper, and 4) an Annual Legion Retreat.  There have been no Praesidium reports in the last few months, so Br. Frost encouraged them to have frequent verbal reports from Praesidia, when there is no scheduled annual report.  The Curia is seeking to extend the Legion to the City of Salem. At their May meeting, a patrician group was discussed.  They are encouraging each other for better attendance.  (Br. Raymond Frost, Correspondent)

5) Oregon Comitium:  A report should be made soon, in an upcoming month.
   (Sr. Felina Lapuz, Correspondent)

6) Result of the Election of the Senatus Vice President – The floor was opened for nominations for the office of President.  Br. Ando Perlas was nominated.  Since there was no other nomination, Sr. Peterson proposed that the nomination be closed, and Sr. Symkowick seconded the motion.  Br. Perlas was then elected President unanimously, and Congratulations to him for his second Term!
He joins Br. Marten, who was re-elected last month, for his second term as Senatus President.


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