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Council Reports given at the January, 2011, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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1) Rogue Valley Curia (formerly Oregon Comitium): The Senatus, after a visitation of the council and consultation with the officers, has decided to change Oregon to a Curia, as they have not had an attached council for several years, although they have 4 attached praesidia.  The name Rogue Valley Curia was chosen by their Spiritual Director. They are praying to Frank Duff for more members. Mother of Our Shepherd praesidium has 8 members, who visit hospital and homebound patients. One goal is to reach out to the Spanish speaking.  Another praesidium has 11 active members and 216 auxiliaries.  They bring Holy Communion to homes, visit hospitals and rest homes and have had a Patricians group for the last 7 years.  The Curia president, Sr. Mary Jane Murphy, has informed the members that she is undergoing treatment for a serious health condition.  Please pray for her.  (Report by Sr. Lapuz, Correspondent)

2) Seattle Comitium: The President, Br. Simpson, plans to ask for the help of the new Archbishop in Seattle, to obtain a new spiritual director - the Comitium has been without one for a year.  The spiritual director of the Spanish curia in Yakima, Fr. Juan Carlos, (originally from Colombia), who founded the curia, was transferred last November to Bend, Oregon.  He is returning each month to attend the curia meetings in Yakima, which is a number of hours away.  Is it acceptable to cancel the meeting when the weather conditions make travel difficult and dangerous?  Br. Marten suggests that the council should use their best judgment.  Br. Frost stated that other councils in the Northwest and mountain areas have had to cancel curia meetings due to icy roads. (Report by Br. Marten, Correspondent)

3) Salinas Curia:   They have 6 attached praesidia.  Queen of Heaven praesidium gave their annual report. They have four members who do door to door, visit rest homes, and conduct a monthly service at a convalescent hospital.  A Columban drive is scheduled at Sacred Heart Church for January 22 and 23.  At the council’s annual general reunion last December 12, each praesidium made a presentation on “The Heavenly Power, Mary’s Legion of Angels” (Report by Sr. Fabi, Correspondent)

4) South San Mateo Curia:  They have a total of 13 attached praesidia. Three annual reports were given in the last quarter, including a Spanish speaking praesidium with 18 members.  The day of recollection was attended by 100 people, and the annual General Reunion was blessed by a visit from Auxiliary Bishop Robert McElroy.  For 2011, they are planning an Exploratio Dominicalis, a Catholic information booth at the San Mateo County Fair, from June 11 to June 19, and a Legion of Mary information booth at the Nativity Parish Carnival. Both Legion booths were well attended, but the Parish carnival last year attracted three times the number of people than the County Fair.  The curia will have a celebration to mark its 50th anniversary later this year.  In February there will be elections for curia vice-president and secretary.  The curia president has prepared a packet for each praesidium with basic praesidium procedures, a calendar of curia events, how to do an annual report, and forms for Maria Legionis subscriptions.  Br. Perlas reminded all that making Rosaries, which is done by praesidium members, although very praiseworthy, should not be reported as valid Legion work.  (Report by Sr. Angeles, President)

Portland Curia:  A new president has been elected, Zena Martin, and there will be an election soon for  vice-president of the curia.  Our Lady of Good Counsel praesidium gave their annual report.  Due to low membership a Columban drive is planned.  A retreat is scheduled for March 11 to 13.   The curia has a Google groups website to communicate among the Legion members.  It lists Legion events and also has the curia meeting agenda on the website.  Only Legion of Mary active members have access to this site. 
(Report by Br. Frost, Correspondent)

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