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Council Reports given at the February, 2010, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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1) Stockton Comitium has 70-75% attendance at the council meetings.  They are reaching out to the pastors of parishes without a Legion praesidium, and  plan to have a Columban drive in all parishes, and have prepared a schedule for the year.  They will discuss an Exploratio Dominicalis at their council meeting.  They visit their attached praesidia and curiae each year.  (report by Sr. Symkowick, Correspondent)

2) Idaho Comitium has 9 attached praesidia with 36 active members, along with 1 attached curia with 3 praesidia.  There is a new praesidium of Spanish speaking members, which would like to have the praesidium meeting in their homes.  A question was raised from the floor, as to the reason for this, since meetings in homes can be a problem for confidential reporting, as well as being a burden for the families.  The handbook isn’t explicit about home meetings, but Br. Perlas said that we should emphasize that the Legion is a parish activity.  An Exploratio Dominicalis was carried out in Nampa.  The desired results were not forthcoming from a Columban Drive.  Legionaries assisted in the carrying out of a retreat for the youth.  A challenge for the council is that many of the members are elderly.  One of the priests has told the Legionaries that they are not to do door to door visits because “this is Mormon country”.  It was suggested that the priest be given a copy of the PPC report held in Salt Lake City in order to help him change his mind on this.  Br. Santa Maria said that two pastors in Solano County forbade door to door because of fear for the safety of Legionaries. Fr. Goode stated that his own parish has a very unsafe reputation, but he still encourages the Legionaries to go door to door.  Our Lady protects those in the  Legion, when we go out, and, we must tell stories of Legionary courage, so that members will not just accept a priest’s prohibition of door to door, but explain why fear is unnecessary.  
(Report by Sr. Peterson, Correspondent)

3) Anchorage Comitium.  A new treasurer and president of the Comitium have been elected.  The attendance has been low but the officers of the Korean curia have been attending.  Works reported include the promotion of Eucharistic Adoration at the Cathedral.  They are corresponding with their three distant praesidia.
(Report by Sr. Velicaria, Correspondent)

4) Sacramento Comitium.  They have 95 active members and 639 auxiliary members.  Average attendance at Council meetings is 48%.  Sr. Mary Castano is the new Treasurer of the Comitium.  A new Spanish praesidium at St. Rose in Sacramento is being helped by Br. Ed Miller.  A retreat was held at St. Joseph Church in Clarksburg.  A Columban Drive at All Hallows Church netted three active members and 24 auxiliaries.  A Columban Drive is planned for Immaculate Conception Church.    A new president was elected for the Solano Curia:  Sr. Nym Bergerson.  A new praesidium has been formed in Santa Rosa diocese by Br. Marvin BergersonBr. Marten encouraged Br. Santa Maria, Sacramento Comitium President, to give the council report when he is in attendance.  Br. Santa Maria said that there is a problem with the Spanish speaking praesidium, in that they have a difficulty with minutes.  He asked if a blank minutes form could be used.  Br. Miller said that a form is ok at the meeting but that the minutes must be written or typed out and read at the next meeting.  Br. Santa Maria and Br. Miller will work on this.  The Comitium asks for Senatus approval to rent a storage room. Br. Santa Maria said that much material has been given to him by previous presidents, and this is why they want to rent a space.  Br. Marten said that the expense of renting storage is excessive and that it would be better to dispose of whatever is not needed.    (Report by Sr. De Vincenzi, Correspondent) 

5) North Utah Curia.  Each month the council meeting is at a different parish.  They have attendance of 70%.  The Spiritual Director Monsignor Bonnell is encouraging even better attendance.  The President Joan Maurice has distributed to all the praesidium officers an outline of how to make the annual praesidium report.
(Report by Br. Frost, Correspondent)    


      A Concise History of the Beginnings of the First Legion of Mary Praesidia in San Francisco

(Although this is a Praesidium Report, given in February, 2010, it is included below because of the History of the SF Legion).

Our Lady of Annunciation, St. Gabriel Church gave their 46th annual report.  The report was given by Sr. Mary Foudy, former President of the San Francisco Comitium and the longest serving Legionary in San FranciscoShe gave a short history of the founding of the first Praesidia in San Francisco.  Fr. Cantwell, pastor of St. Monica Church, visited Ireland in 1933, where he saw the Legion.  When he returned to San Francisco,  he founded three praesidia, the first at his Parish, and the second at St. Agnes, where the praesidium of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary still exists today.  The third parish was Most Holy Redeemer. The pastor there insisted that Mary Foudy should join their praesidium, which she did, in 1937.  Father said, "Please, just try it!", and Sr. Foudy said “I am still trying it", and later, she helped to start another Praesidium at St. Gabriel's Parish.  Next, members of the praesidium at St. Gabriel started a praesidium at St. Cecilia, so this is the history of the first Praesidia groups in San Francisco...Sr. Foudy read one of her poems entitled “Legionary Courage”.  Br. Perlas suggested that they be added to the Senatus website, or submitted to Maria Legionis, along with a photo of Sr. Foudy.  St. Gabriel's praesidium currently has 6 active members and 100 auxiliary members.  They bring the Pilgrim Virgin to homes every week, and Holy Communion to the homebound, and instruct people on praying the rosary. They visit the sick in the parish, make consolation visits to those grieving, and do works of service, such as driving elderly to the doctors and to church.  Br. Perlas suggested that a Columban Drive be held to increase membership.  Sr. Peterson urged that a Legion banner be brought to Columban Drives.   (Report by Sr. Mary Foudy, long time member of St. Gabriel's)

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