Summary of Reports Given at the 154th Meeting
                                             San Francisco Senatus, December 12th, 2016

A) Praesidia Reports

8th Annual Report of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Praesidium of Saint Eugene’s Cathedral
(reported by Br. Daniel Shutz, President)

Total Active = 9 Auxiliaries = 36.  Attendance is 70% (due to illness) for Officers and 82% for Members.  Apostolic Works include: Pro Life Apostolate within the vicinity of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Santa Rosa.  In order to respect the Concilium’s request to not be near the PPH clinic, they are out on the street and do not have any direct contact with anyone approaching the clinic. Three members bring Holy Communion to the homebound and conduct a service which includes the prayers and readings of the day.  They plan to form a Spanish praesidium.  The Pilgrim Virgin Devotion and Rosary yield new auxiliary members this year.  Six members continue to promote Daily Mass and Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament exposed 24 hours a day.  They plan to form a Spanish Praesidium.  They gained two members after celebrating the feast of the Nativity of our Blessed Mother in their parish.  They plan to visit 400 homes in 2017.

B) Council Reports from all around the Senatus

 1)   Oakland Comitium (reported by Br. Ed Miller, Correspondent)

Total attached Praesidia = 11 (one new Praesidium added this quarter); 10 Senior Praesidia and One Junior Praesidium.  85 Active and 1, 140 Auxiliary Members; Four Attached Curia.  Gained four new active members after a Columban Drive in October.  Evangelization works include Door-to-door, Apostolate to the Crowd, Bookbarrow, Extension and Columban Drive, Homebound Ministry, Sacred Heart Enthronement, Prison Ministry, Pilgrim Virgin or Family Rosary, Pro Life Activities, Praying with the Sick Residents in Nursing Homes. Evangelization Highlights include: Two marriage validation due to efforts of an active member with the priest; One non Catholic woman approached during an Apostolate to the Crowd wanted to convert to the Catholic Church.  Junior members continue their Door-to-door evangelization and Pilgrim Virgin Apostolate with senior active members.


2) San Francisco Mission-Excelsior Curia (reported by Sr. Tessie Velicaria, President)

Total Attached Praesidia: 10 (8 Seniors which includes 1 Spanish, 1 Junior, 1 Intermediate) Active = 73; Auxiliaries = 704.  Their Spanish praesidium has been a great help to the Curia most especially in the Crowd Contact apostolate.  Attendance = 83% Officers; 67% Members.  They will continue the extension efforts initiated by the Senatus at St. James Church. They hope to start Columban Drive in January 2017.  Day of Evangelization project once a year is the goal of every attached praesidium.  Evangelization Works include:  Door-to-door, Apostolate to the Crowd, Book barrow, Columban Drive, Homebound Ministry, Sacred Heart Enthronement, Pilgrim Virgin or Family Rosary, Pro Life Activities, Promoting Catholic Radio and Frank Duff Prayer Group composed of parents of Junior legionaries.  The Patrician meeting is sustained by 8-10 members every month. 


3) San Jose Comitium (reported by Br. Ed Tafe, Vice President)

Total attached Praesidia = 18 (15 Senior and 3 Junior); Total Active = 170; Three attached Curia (8 Chinese Praesidia, 13 Spanish Praesidia, 29 Vietnamese Praesidia).  Legion works include reaching out to new immigrants and help with extension work in Taiwan; Book barrow every first Saturday at the Valley Fair Mall; Two new Spanish Praesidia was added in the last six months; One new Vietnamese praesidium and is going well.   Vietnamese Curia is starting an English-speaking praesidium.  Rosary Crusades are conducted year-long.

The San Francisco Senatus Allocutio was given by Br. Allen, of Santa Rosa
C) Senatus Local Report
Pro Life     The Walk for Life is on January 21, 2017. 40 Days for Life begins on Ash Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

Legion Extension and Columban Drive    None

PPC  Senatus PPC at Half Moon Bay completed.

Apostolate to the Crowd (24th & Mission      Ten legionaries made 72 contacts. The eight players of a Salsa Band each took a Rosary (maybe, due in part to Sr. Angela
dancing to their music.)  Theresa, one of the workers at the Bart plaza, her job is to sweep up and keep the plaza clean says, “I never worry too much about

cleaning up all the plaza completely.  I’ll come back in an hour, and there will be new work for me to do…”  Legionary work is the same, there’s always plenty of

labor in the field…

Apostolate to the Crowd (The Tenderloin) Six legionaries made 48 contacts.  Br. Paul was chased by a fundamentalist Bible Protestant.  Also met Eric who took

a Rosary and was very happy that the old church on 10th Street damaged by Loma Prieta earth quake is being repaired.

Annual General Reunion (with Mission Excelsior Curia) – There were about 65 attendees, good food and entertainment.  Let us campaign for better

attendance next year.

 Memorial Mass for Frank Duff – November 19, 2016, 10:30 a.m. at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church (organized by the San Mateo County Comitium). 
See flyers for details.

Rosary Rally 2017 – The Archdiocese of San Francisco has sanctioned a committee to plan the Consecration of the City of San Francisco.  Br. Dave Marten is
a of the members of the committee and will keep us posted. 

Qualification of Legion Members – a legion member invited….what are the qualification of a legion member.  People don’t know it because it is not in the handbook.
  Let us point out what who we can invite in the legion.  You have to be solid Catholic

Legion Functions and Activities and Chairpersons – Brother Perlas distributed an updated list

San Jose Comitium – Sr. Miller, reported about the members from the Spanish Curia who are seeking for assistance on resolving some

legion problems and feel that no one from the council is taking care of them.  Brother Tafe who was present at the Senatus meeting asked
if Br. Mike Aubin is aware of this.  He will also ask Br. Aubin to revise their quarterly report regarding the finance statement which Br. Tafe
 believed to be an old or last year’s report.

Senatus Positions Filled
- None this month               Comitium and Curia Positions Filled - None this month


Praesidium Positions Filled





December 2016

V.President, 2nd Term, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Praesidium

Br. Jun Pasion


December 2016

Secretary, 1st Term, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Sr. Catalina Bohol


A reminder from Br. Perlas, please fill vacant positions.