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Council Reports given at the December, 2011, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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    There will be a future Family Rosary Crusade (Br. Marten, President of the Senatus)

Brother Marten and Brother Frost met at the chancery with Monsignor Tarantino, Archdiocesan Vicar for Administration, regarding a possible event on October 13, 2012, to follow up on this year's Family Rosary Crusade.  Another meeting will be held at the Archdiocesan Office in January.  Br. Marten clarified that this will be an archdiocesan event, and the Legion will no longer be the official sponsor, as happened with the first Family Rosary Crusade 2011. The Archdiocesan resources are much greater than those of the San Francisco Senatus, so this is for the better, and the space at the Civic Center is already reserved for next year's rally in 2012. Br. Frost said that Msgr. Tarantino was very enthusiastic and believes that the Rosary is very much needed. October 11 is the beginning of the Year of Faith called for by Pope Benedict, and will last through 2013.  This is 50 years since the beginning of Vatican II. 

The Senatus thanks Father Goode, Senatus Chaplain, for his work in the formation and administration of the Rosary Crusade
- the Credit belongs to him.  Thanks also to the Senatus Officers and members, who worked hard beforehand. The event itself was a success - attended by parishioners from around Northern California, and there were buses from e.g., Sacramento and Stockton. Those who came had a beautiful and prayer filled experience, on a glorious fall day.   Approximately 3,000 Rosaries were given out, and the beautiful singing of the cantor, Frances Peterson filled the Plaza. Brother Marten said that Senatus had no prior experience for planning the Rosary Crusade, and initially, no financial support for such a large undertaking, yet everything came together at the end.  There were some heavy expenses for preparing the Rosary Rally, incurred by Senatus, but all bills have been paid thanks to the good donations collected on the day of the event. As mentioned above, since the Archdiocese will be the major sponsor of future Rosary Rallies, the Legion will no longer have to bear the responsibility for the entire expense alone. There is a 15-minute video on the Rosary Crusade on You Tube, and a recording of Father Apostoli’s entire homily. You can get a more detailed report here on the Home page, and also, a report on the Family Rosary Crusade 2011 web site, as well as links to the videos on You Tube.

Rosary Rally Page
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1)  San Jose Comitium Report: The attendance was 65% for meetings during the last quarter.  They had a day of recollection in November, and will have their General Reunion on Dec. 18.  They are concentrating on extension with the support of the Bishop of the diocese.  Efforts are ongoing in several parishes to start junior and senior praesidia, and  a junior praesidium was started in July. The Comitium is encouraging their attached curiae to organize an Exploratio Dominicalis on Palm Sunday.  All praesidia and curiae are visited according to schedule.  The Maria Legionis is promoted.  A book barrow was launched in August.  The Vietnamese Curia reported that a family has returned to the Catholic faith, and the Spanish Curia reported the conversion of a protestant.   It was recommended that an audit be done of the Comitium’s treasury.  Br. Marten commended them for their extension efforts and hard work on evangelization. 
(Report by Br. Lutgardo, President)

2) Oakland Comitium Report: They have recently elected new officers, including a new President. 
    (Report by Br. Perlas, Correspondent)

3) Northern California Korean Comitium: The ratification of their officers will be next month and the officers are planning to attend the Senatus at that time.  This will mark the official beginning of the newly formed Korean Comitium.
 (Report by Br. Perlas, Correspondent)

4) North San Mateo Curia Report: They have a total of 24 attached praesidia including three junior, one men’s and one family praesidium, with 239 active and approximately 2,000 auxiliary members.  Average attendance of the council was 53%.  There are a number of praesidia with vacant officerships.  Extension efforts are underway at St. Dunstan parish.  The curia’s treasurer’s books were audited.  Works include door-to-door visitation, apostolate to the crowd, homebound ministry, prison ministry and pro-life.  They promote the Extraordinary rite of the Mass in Latin, and Eucharistic Adoration, with Legionaries acting as daily coordinators.  Several conversions were reported, due to the family rosaries, Pilgrim Virgin visits, and their Apostolate to the Crowd at Serramonte Mall.   Legionaries are teaching the faith in the home of a child with stage 4 cancer, in preparation for First Holy Communion.  There was an annual officers meeting to plan for 2012.  Their goal is to have at least one junior praesidium attached to each senior.  Our Lady of Mercy Praesidium gave their first annual report. They visit the sick and do ministry as well as teach CCD.  The Curia Annual General Reunion and Spiritual Directors’ night, was held on December 10.  The theme was “When the saints go marching in - the charism of Frank Duff.” (Report by Sr. Perlas, President)


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