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Council Reports given at the December, 2010, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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1) San Jose Comitium: Goals are helping Praesidium Presidents, ensuring treasury audits, the formation of junior praesidia, and extension in four parishes.  A retreat on the Holy Spirit and True Devotion to Mary will be held on December 10, and their annual general reunion on December 18.  They are making apostolates at abortion clinics, and auxiliary members help with prayer.  A new treasurer for the Comitium was elected, and a new spiritual Director has been appointed, Fr. Jose De Giunta, IVE, pastor of Our Lady of Peace.  Although he cannot always attend the comitium meeting, he will schedule a day when all Legionaries will be able to meet with him for spiritual guidance.  An extension team of five members has been appointed and they recently met to discuss plans for 2011.   (Report by Sr. Yee, President)

2) Oakland Comitium:  They have a total of 6 attached praesidia with 36 active members and 600 auxiliaries.  Attached curiae include Southern Alameda with 19 senior and 4 junior, East Contra Costa with 6 praesidia, Oakland Korean with 10 praesidia including 1 junior, and Our Lady of China with 5 praesidia including 1 junior.  Br. Perlas commended Sr. Riley for completing her 6 years as president of the Comitium, and for not missing a meeting.  Extension in Southern Alameda has resulted in the formation of a new praesidium. Door to Door Work: 6,866 homes were visited. Br. Santa Maria asked if the Comitium should report on their attached curiae.  Br. Perlas said yes, not too much detail, but enough to know what is going on.  Br. Santa Maria said he will include curiae  in the next Sacramento report.  (Report by Br. Perlas, Correspondent)

3) North San Mateo Curia: They have a total of 27 attached praesidia with 253 active members and 2,200 auxiliaries (!), and are celebrating their 25th anniversary on Saturday. [If you want to read more about this very successful curia, read the Landmarks page on the Senatus web site,]. Our Lady of Mercy’s new pastor, Fr. Orimaco, stated “No way will we not have the Legion of Mary in my parish” to show his enthusiasm for the establishment of a praesidium there.  Fr. Casey, pastor at St. Dunstan, has agreed to allow recruiting for the Legion.  A bowling day for junior Legionaries was held in October.  Eucharistic Adoration is held at St. Veronica and the Traditional Latin Mass is promoted throughout the Archdiocese.  Br. Williams requested that members from the two Spanish praesidia of the Curia, help in the formation of praesidia at St. Charles in San Francisco.  Br. Perlas said he will contact the president of the praesidium at St. Bruno.  The praesidia at St. Charles meet at 4 pm on each day except Thursday and Sunday, although some of these praesidia might meet at a later time.  Br. Perlas asked if a curia could be formed in one parish.  On December 19 at 9 am, Fr. Fernando is inviting Spanish members from other parishes to come to assist them.  Br. McCormick, president of the Mission-Excelsior Curia, said that the pastor of St. Charles, Fr. Agudo, wants the praesidia to report to the Mission/Excelsior Curia and is very happy with the Legion. He also said that there is a Spanish praesidium at Corpus Christi parish, but that the membership is inconsistent.  At Mission Dolores there are three faithful officers, but they are still missing one officer. The pastor is confident more members will join the praesidium.  Their work is Pilgrim Virgin apostolate. According to Br. Miller none of the groups at St. Charles are ready for affiliation, since they are still learning the Legion methods, like the Master/Apprentice system.  Fr. Goode encouraged them to the Apostolate to the Crowd.  Br. Miller said they have gone out on door to door.  If substantial work is done, the meeting will be much more interesting.  (Report by Br. Perlas)

4) San Francisco Mission/Excelsior Curia: The curia has elected a new treasurer and a new secretary, and have nine attached praesidia, and six more in formation.  Attendance at the meeting is 80%.  They had their first annual general reunion on December 5th, with 65 in attendance. Fr. Fernando at St. Charles was given a supply of Spanish tesserae. Works include book barrow and apostolate to the crowd.  The attendance is better, and they plan to have a team to help form new praesidia.  Br. McCormick shared his experience on the PPC [in Stockton, Ca, in October]: A non-practicing couple was surprised to have the Legionaries come to their house and offer them a rosary, just two days after they had been talking about the rosary.  The husband took this as a sign that they should take their faith seriously.     
(Report by Br. McCormick, President)

Our Lady of Mercy praesidium gave their 31st annual report.  They have a total of 11 members with one on probation.  Two active members and 9 auxiliary members were recruited in the last year.  Works include door to door visits, Apostolate to the Crowd, manning a Catholic Information booth at a county fair, Patricians, nursing home visitations, Pilgrim Virgin, 40 Days for Life evangelization at abortion clinics, and the organization of Eucharistic Adoration. A Catholic, formerly a Methodist, came back to the sacraments. A non-Catholic is being given instructions, and a former atheist is praying the rosary in Chinese.  Praesidium Goals are to follow up on non-practicing Catholics, and to contact all auxiliaries (this has been difficult as they are often not home), although some can be met at the Patricians. Floor Suggestions: Sr. Ronas encouraged holding an auxiliary function. Sr. Aubin stated that each member of her praesidium is responsible for a certain number of auxiliaries. Christmas cards are sent to each auxiliary, and if the cards come back undelivered, they have moved.  Auxiliaries are also given a card listing their duties, and a telephone number for praesidium contact.  Fr. Goode commended the praesidium for encouraging Catholic radio and EWTN during their apostolates.  Br. Williams said that he carries a list of websites to give to people, including non-Catholics, to acquaint them with the lives of the saints and desert fathers.   (Report by Sr. Peterson, President)

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