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Council Reports given at the San Francisco Senatus 114th Meeting, August 8th, 2013
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1) Stockton Comitium: Ten Senior Praesidia, two Junior, and two attached Curiae. There was 75% attendance at the last Comitium meeting. A Praesidium report listed ten active members, including 3 Praetorians. Their works include Apostolate to the crowd, supervision of a Junior Praesidium, promotion of Catholic Radio, and, at the request of the Pastor, supervision of parish events. The correspondent encouraged them to begin door-to-door visitation. (Report by Sr. Symkowick, Correspondent)

2) Idaho Comitium: They are studying the Apostolic Work of the Legion, and the Catholic Catechism. They regularly promote the Fatima Rosary devotion, and in July, the Brown Scapular.  The Comitium will hold a Eucharistic Conference in 2014.
(Report by Br. Perlas, Correspondent)

3) Anchorage Curia: They have five Senior Praesidia, one junior Praesidium, and a total of 42 active, and 516 junior members. Council attendance is very good. There is a distant Praesidium in Fairbanks, which they will visit in August, and they hope to start another Praesidium at the Cathedral. A Columban drive was held at St. Patrick's Church. The Treasurer's books were audited, and the results sent to Senatus. Among Curia works are door-to-door visitation, homebound ministry, teaching of CCD, coordination of young adult programs, Pilgrim Virgin, and Pro-Life activity. Praesidium attendance is hampered by severe weather. (Report prepared by Sr. Velicaria, Correspondent).

4) Sacramento Comitium:  They have 11 directly attached Praesidia, including 1 Spanish Praesidia, and 3 directly attached Curiae. The Attendance at council meetings is 46%. Praesidium reports show membership of between 4 and 13 active members. Works include door-to-door visitation, teaching Catechism, visiting convalescent hospitals and providing Communion to patients, teaching young people in a detention facility about God, and an Apostolate near abortion clinics. Two such clinics in Sacramento closed in the last six months. Two attached Curiae will have Retreats in August. The Solano Curia had two successful Columban Drives. Two new Praesidia were formed, one in American Canyon, and the other at Napa State Hospital. The Comitium was visited by Sr. DeVincenzi and Br Williams of Senatus in July. (Report by Sr. DeVincenzi, Correspondent)

5) North Utah Curia: Four attached Curia. Attendance at council meetings is good. They have obtained handbooks and Tesserae in English and Spanish directly from the Publisher Printing Company, for recruiting and extension purposes. The next Praesidium report will be in August.
(Report by Br. Frost, Correspondent)

                               Remarks From Sr. Maureen McManus, the Concilium Correspondent to San Francisco Senatus

                                               Excerpts of a Letter from Sister McManus, Received July 7, 2013

Sister said that she will circulate the Senatus program for the Year of Faith to the Concilium officers and said, “we can all learn from your hard work meeting and compiling this program.”  Sister was grateful also for the report of the Family Praesidium.  She congratulated the Stockton Comitium on their good attendance and variety of works, and commended Anchorage for their guidance on natural family planning.
(There was no Concilium Correspondence for the August Senatus Meeting)

Below: Monthly Local Reports from the San Francisco Senatus, 114th Meeting, August 8th, 2013.

1) Senatus Apostolate to the Crowd: 4 Legionaries participated at Bart Station, and 8 Legionaries were at the Tenderloin Apostolate.

2) Senatus Book Barrow at UN Plaza Civic Center Farmer's Market: 3 Legionaries participated and passed out Catholic literature and Rosaries.

3) Extension: A Columban Drive at St. Paul’s was held on July 27 and 28, attended by many Legionaries, covering all the Masses. The names of 27 prospective members were obtained, and five attended the meeting of Queen Assumed into Heaven Praesidium. Thanks to all the Legionaries who helped, especially those who attended the first meetings with the new members.

4) Peregrinatio Pro Christo: The PPC at Our Lady of Refuge Parish in San Jose, will begin on the day following our September Senatus meeting. Br. Marten reported that preparations are done, and Br. Perlas asked for more Legionaries to participate.

5) Year of Faith: The Year of Faith Conference at Our Lady of Peace Shrine in Santa Clara will be on August 10th, and Fr. Goode and Fr. Lim will be the speakers. The attendance is expected to be 500 to 600. The day will begin with a Mass at 8 AM, followed by two sessions during the day. A $5 registration fee is requested, and there will be entertainment during lunch.

6) Pro-Life Activity: Br. Konopaski, Chairperson, said that we should try to keep a presence at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic at 1650 Valencia, in between the Forty Days for Life Campaign.  An ordinance has been passed in San Francisco, which requires a 25-foot distance away from the front door.  On Saturdays at 9:00 am the rosary is prayed and at least two people are needed there.  An Apostolate is planned each Saturday, in South San Francisco, near a building which is a proposed site for a new Abortion Clinic.

7) Change of Date for Senatus Meetings:
NOTE: A reminder that the Senatus meetings in November and December will be on the first Thursday of the month (Nov. 7 and Dec. 5) because the hall at St. Finn Barr's is not available on the 2nd Thursdays.
Senatus will be held earlier in Nov. and Dec.!!

8) The Legion Retreat will be August 2nd to 4th. (See Calendar for details) SFSenatusCalendar

9) The Senatus Summer Function (along with associated councils) will be on August 17th (See Calendar for details) SFSenatusCalendar

Below, an excerpt from Porta Fidei - Emeritus Pope Benedict urges us to publicly profess our faith: "Confessing with the lips indicates in turn that faith implies public testimony and commitment. A Christian may never think of belief as a private act. Faith is choosing to stand with the Lord so as to live with him. This “standing with him” points towards an understanding of the reasons for believing. Faith, precisely because it is a free act, also demands social responsibility for what one believes.

The Church on the day of Pentecost demonstrates with utter clarity this public dimension of believing and
proclaiming one’s faith fearlessly to every person.
It is the gift of the Holy Spirit that makes us fit for mission and strengthens our witness, making it frank and courageous." With the Apostolic Letter of 11 October 2011, Porta fidei, Pope Benedict XVI declared a Year of Faith. This year began on 11 October 2012, on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Ecumenical Vatican Council, and will conclude on 24 November 2013, the Solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King.
  *Totus Tuus*
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