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Council Reports given at the August, 2011, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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         The Legion of Mary, San Francisco Senatus, is hosting
Family Rosary Crusade 2011 !!

           Date: October 15th, 2011, starting at 12 Noon.        Location: San Francisco Civic Center

          (A map and more information can be found on the Rosary Rally Page)
  Rosary Rally Page

            All Legionaries and Catholics are invited to attend, this, the 50th Anniversary of
            Fr. Peyton's  Rosary Crusade. If you cannot attend, please pray for the success of this event.
            The program can be found on the official Rosary Rally web site,

                    The Family Rosary Crusade invites all Catholics to attend

        Also, please consider a donation for the Rosary Rally - since the crowd is expected to be
        greater than 20,000, the costs of lighting, stage, security, and toilet facilities will be high.
                             You can help with a donation, no matter how small.

                                              Donations can now be sent to
                                                  Family Rosary Crusade
                                                        PO Box 422551
                                              San Francisco, CA  94142-2551

Rosary Rally Page      Official web site -

1) Idaho Comitium
There are 13 attached Praesidia, 73 active members, 210 auxiliary members, and an attached curia, North Idaho, with 2 Praesidia. Attendance is 77%, helped by car pooling. Extension efforts include a booth at the fall conference at St. Mark's in Boise, participating in each parish's ministry faire, and advertising on Catholic Radio, and in the local Catholic newspaper. A Columban drive is planned at a parish in Boise. Works include door-to-door visitation, book barrow, homebound and prison ministries, Pilgrim Virgin, pro-Life activities, and CCD. They also teach the Rosary and Marian devotions to students, and distribute Rosaries to education classes. A Junior Praesidium is starting in October, and there is an increase in younger Legion members. They are thankful for newly ordained priests who have devotion to Our Lady, and support the Legion of Mary. Members should consider taking the pamphlet racks out of their parish, and setting them up in a park, to evangelize and attract people to Church.
Report by Sr. Mary Petersen, Correspondent

2) Anchorage Comitium

There are 6 attached Praesidia, including 1 junior praesidia, 2 Fairbanks praesidia, and 1 attached Korean Curia, House of Gold, which has 5 praesidia. One Spanish speaking praesidium has 11 members. They call on lapsed Catholics, and do Pilgrim Virgin. Their partner, an English speaking praesidium, does door-to-door, sponsors an all night First Friday devotion, and a book barrow in fall. Attendance at council meetings is 55%, and the Retreat in January, and the Acies in March, were well attended. A celebration for the 90th Anniversary of the Legion is set for Sept. 13th in the Cathedral, and they are planning a "Welcome Home" program, meant to invite non-practicing Catholics back to the Church. The two Fairbanks Praesidia each have 5 members. Their door-to-door work resulted in the baptism of 3 children, who also received First Communion and Confirmation. At a nursing facility, they pray the Rosary with 8 to 10 people, including non-Catholics. Sidewalk counseling and prayer at an abortion clinic has resulted in an end to abortions there - the workers will move on to the next clinic. At a Dominican festival, the Legion flag was displayed, Rosaries and Miraculous Medals distributed, and people invited to visit the junior and senior praesidia. The Legionaries at St. Benedict's are working with the Pastor, on a census by telephone. The praesidium at North Pole has suspended meetings, due to a lack of members. A new praesidium may start in Barrow, and possibly Palmer as well. The House of Gold Korean Curia gave their annual report. They reach out to Atheists, care for the newly Baptized, and visit lapsed Catholics, the sick, and poor families.
Report by Sr. Tessie Velicaria, Correspondent.

3) North Utah Curia
There are 4 attached praesidia. One annual praesidium report gives door-to-door as work, as well as distribution of Miraculous Medals, and promotion of Immaculate Heart Catholic Radio. Although the praesidium in Tooele has disbanded, a Columban Drive is planned to revive it, and the Curia is also working with the Spanish speaking. Extension efforts are being made in parishes in Riverton and Park City. Joe Maurice, the husband of the Curia president, Joan Maurice, recently passed away. He was a great support for Sr. Maurice in her Legion work, and so please pray for Sr. Maurice, and may Joe rest in peace. A praeisdium officer, Sr. Vera Blockovitch has been a member of the Legion of Mary for over 50 years.
Report by Br. Ray Frost, Correspondent

4) Rogue Valley Curia
There were elections in April for the Curia President, Secretary, and Treasurer, although the Vice President's office is still open. The Spiritual Director, Fr. Liam Cary, has been moved to Eugene, so they are without a Spiritual Director at present. The Curia has 26 active members, 2 on probation, and 608 auxiliary members. A Patrician Group has an average attendance of 14. Our Lady of Fatima gave their 17th annual report. They have 3 active members, including one praetorian, 56 auxiliaries, and 1 adjutorian. A recruitment drive is planned, and visitation of the auxiliaries. Works are visitation of the sick and homebound, Pilgrim Virgin, and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart. The junior praesidium gave their 9th annual report. There are 3 active members, 159 auxiliary members, and 10 adjutorians. They visit senior housing and auxiliary members, lead the Rosary, Pilgrim Virgin, and also have another Pilgrim Virgin, Mother Most Admirable of Schoenstatt.
Report by Sr. Murphy, Council Secretary, submitted to Sr. Lapuz, Correspondent.

                                                                                   *Totus Tuus*

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