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Council Reports given at the August, 2010, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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1) Stockton Comitium has 15 attached praesidia, including two junior praesidia, and two attached curia:  Modesto Curia and South San Joaquin County Curia.  Attendance during the last quarter was 65 to 70%, which is less than the previous quarter.  The Comitium officers are stressing the importance of attendance, and are also reaching out to parishes to promote extension of the Legion.  The former Spiritual Director, Msgr. Donahue, celebrated his 60th anniversary of ordination, and many Legionaries attended the celebration. A Congress was held in June, at which there was good attendance and participation.  A CPA audited the Comitium treasurer’s books for the previous year, and there are audit plans for the current year.  Br. Frost stated that the Senatus needs to obtain copies of the annual audits from attached councils.
(Report read by Sr. Symkowick, Correspondent, from the report by Sr. Ruelos, Comitium President)
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2) Idaho Comitium: In the last six months, two Comitium secretaries have resigned due to illness.  Our Lady of Tears praesidium gave their 11th annual report.  They have 5 active members and 36 auxiliaries.  Their work consists of Eucharistic ministry to homebound and Pilgrim Virgin visitations.  They formed a new praesidium, Our Lady of Victory with two members transferred to the new praesidium.  They are also trying to form a Spanish praesidium.  (Report read by Sr. Thelma Dayoan, for the Correspondent Sr. Peterson)

3) Anchorage Comitium: Sr. Velicaria is planning to make a visitation to the Comitium. The council has asked if a Korean speaking legionary could accompany her.  The Comitium has 4 praesidia in Anchorage, including 1 junior praesidium, and one praesidium each in Fairbanks, Soldotna and North Pole.  Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, North Pole gave their annual report.  They have 4 active members and 9 auxiliary members.  They make home visits and hold weekly adult formation classes.  They plan to start a junior praesidium.  Their spiritual director is very supportive.  Mystical Rose praesidium of Holy Family Cathedral in Anchorage also gave their annual report.  They have six active members.  Works include sidewalk counseling and door to door visitation.  The Comitium will sponsor a movie about  Fatima in October, at which they will sell copies of the movie in order to recoup the $500 rental cost.  Fr. Goode was concerned about the high cost, but said that good films and books are important.  There is a promotional packet from Ignatius Press which goes along with the movie.  Sr. Velicaria has requested more details about the Comitium funds and Treasurer’s books. (Report by Sr. Velicaria, Correspondent)

4) Sacramento Comitium:  There are ten attached praesidia, with a possible new Hispanic praesidium.  The Spiritual Director has resigned.  An outdoor function was held on July 24, and, regarding attendance at an outdoor function, since it is not required, there is no need to excuse people if they can’t come.  Br. Santa Maria raised the matter of a Baptist who wishes to receive Holy Communion in a retirement home.  Fr. Goode suggested that the legionaries give her instructions about becoming a Catholic. Br. Santa Maria said that they are doing this, and now they are looking for a priest to bring her into the Church...  Members tried an apostolate near a casino, but instead are now doing an apostolate close to a Costco store.  Br. Santa Maria stated that he instructs members doing door to door visits, to make notes in between the homes, and not in front of people.  Solano County Curia has more attached praesidia than the Comitium.  Br. Santa Maria intends to visit the Comitium’s attached curiae in Northern California, including the Korean Curia.  The correspondent, Sr. Devincenzi , also reported that attendance in the last few months at the Comitium has been 71 and 73 percent.  She also stated that a praesidium recently gave their 73rd annual report.  Another praesidium has many Tongan members.  Br. Marten commended Br. Santa Maria for making plans to visit the attached curiae.
(Report by Br. Santa Maria) 

5) North Utah Curia: Br. Miller and Br. Frost visited the North Utah Curia on June 13, at their 499th meeting. The president and Vice-president of the curia met them at the airport and gave them a tour of the cathedral before the meeting.  Msgr. Bonnell, the spiritual director, was celebrating his 50th anniversary and there was a nice party for him after the meeting.  There was excellent attendance at the meeting including a number of male legionaries, although none of these are praesidium or council officers.  The Utah Legionaries stated that the Church is growing in their state.  There is now a Catholic radio station in Salt Lake.  During the meeting there was a discussion about an Apostolate to the Crowd that one of the praesidia was planning.  Different approaches were suggested, including the use of the Miraculous Medal.  It was found that many of the legionaries had experience doing door to door, but that currently this work was not being done.  The visitors encouraged them to make use of their experience and undertake door to door visits.  (Report by Br. Frost, Correspondent)
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