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Council Reports given at the August 2009, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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1) Stockton Comitium:  They have started Book-barrows at festivals in parishes, and Columban Drives are being  planned. The Annual Retreat in June had Mary, Our Mother as the theme.  4 out of 6 vacant officerships were filled.  Likewise Modesto Curia continues to step up its extension efforts by reaching out to most parishes. Manteca Curia participated in the Annual Eucharistic Retreat at St. Anthony’s, and celebrated the Investiture of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Brown Scapular with the assistance of their Spiritual Director.  Attendance  at meetings continues to be a problem, and they would appreciate suggestions from Senatus.   (Sr. Rose Symkowick)

2) Idaho Comitium:  Attendance at council meeting is 60%.  There is one attached Praesidia, and one Curia with 3 attached Praesidia, with the following works: Patricians, Prison Ministry, and Sidewalk Counseling at Abortion Clinics.  They also do Desk Ministry, that is, evangelizing those who come to the Food Bank.  Unfortunately Door-to-Door is not being done because the priests would not allow them.  One Praesidium presented its annual report this quarter.  They do works of consolation.  They are being challenged since many of their members are aging and also, they have not been successful in recruitment through their Columban Drives. 
(Sr. Mary Peterson, Correspondent)

3) Anchorage Comitium:  The money from the sale of the Anchorage condo has been disbursed, and the proceeds sent to Senatus.  As requested by Anchorage, about 1/3 will be deposited in a new savings account, in the name of “San Francisco Senatus-Anchorage", for the use of Anchorage related work, like travel expenses.  The remaining funds will be sent to Concilium.  Br. Marten thanked Anchorage for their generosity, integrity and efforts in the final disbursement of the money (The amount of the funding is given in the Senatus Minutes for August, 2009).
The Anchorage Comitium will be visited in September.  
(Sr. Tessie Evelyn Velicaria, Correspondent)

4) Sacramento Comitium:  The Comitium has 10 attached Praesidia and 4 Curiae (North Area Curia, Northern California Counties Curia, Solano Curia, and the Korean Curia).  Attendance has been good but it is working hard to improve.  There is need of a correspondent to encourage and work with the Korean Curia.  Likewise, there is also a need to step up extension efforts.  At present, 90 % of the works done in the Comitium are works of Consolation.  There are no Junior Praesidia, but they hope that if the “Family Praesidium” concept is adopted, they may eventually have juniors.  They have no Patricians.  (Br. Rene Santa Maria, President)
There was a discussion at Senatus, about the Comitium proposal to donate handbooks to a group of young people on retreat, to inspire them to  join the Legion of Mary.  The ruling from Concilium is, "The Legion only gives handbooks to members.”  Sr. Peterson suggested that Senatus discuss valid Legion works at the next meeting.

5) North Utah Curia:  Legionaries are preparing for the election of a new Curia President.  Sr. Potts, the VP, has been capably presiding at the council meeting.  There are 5 Praesidia and there was no report during the last quarter.  Highlights include St. Francis Xavier parish, which would like to start a Spanish-speaking Praesidium. Sr. Potts encouraged members to participate in the PPC in Sacramento.  Following a Columban Drive at Our Lady of Guadalupe Praesidium, several meetings were held to form a new Praesidium.  However, after consulting with the Pastor, meetings were suspended to be started again in September when the Pastor could give more attention to the formation.  (Br Raymond Frost, Correspondent)


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