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Council Reports given at the April, 2011, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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1) Seattle Comitium:  The report included excerpts from two annual reports and three quarterly reports from attached curiae.  One praesidium has 16 active members, and the other nine active members.  Both praesidia visit nursing homes and hospitals.  One praesidium helped at the book barrow at Pike Place and the other at the Renton River Fair’s Catholic information booth. Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Curia has six attached praesidia with 20 active members.  One praesidum had a Columban drive and recruited one new member.  They hope to re-activate a closed praesidium.  Mother of the Holy Eucharist Curia has 3 praesidia with 24 active members.  They have an Apostolate to the Crowd, and promote the chaplet of Divine Mercy.  The first quarterly report of Mother of Martyrs Korean Curia shows that they have 194 active members in 16 praesidia.  They recruited 10 new active members, and are very active in promoting RCIA, which results in many being baptized.  One member joined the Legion of Mary, and within one year her whole family was baptized.  At the February Comitium meeting, the letters from Concilium for the Theme for 2011, and Fr. McGregors’ letter on the progress of the beatification of Frank Duff were read.  A workshop is planned for March 21st on evangelization. Part of the workshop training will be Columban drives and the formation of new praesidia.  Frank Duff prayer cards have been ordered and legionaries have been asked to pass them out.  Mass will be celebrated to mark the 90th anniversary of the Founding of the Legion of Mary with Fr. Treacy, former Spiritual Director, presiding.  They will meet with Archbishop Peter Sartain to ask his help in finding a Spiritual Director, and to invite him to the 2012 Acies.  They are working to get their annual audit completed.  The spiritual director of the Spanish curia in Yakima diocese has transferred to Bend, Oregon, and will work to start one there.  (Report by Br. Simpson, President)

2) Rogue Valley Curia (formerly the Oregon Comitium)  held their Acies, and Fr. Liam Cary presided.  Almost all active members were in attendance and well over 100 auxiliary members.  New officers were elected at the April meeting.  There are now 24 active members in the curia with three probationary, 700 auxiliary members, two junior members, four praetorians and 14 adjutorians.  One Patricians group has an average of 14 in attendance.  Works consist of taking Holy Communion to the homebound, and visits to convalescent homes and hospitals.  Prayers for the health of the Curia secretary, Sr. Murphy, are requested.  (Report by Sr. Lapuz, correspondent)

3) South San Mateo Curia:  They have 13 praesidia in ten churches, which include English, Spanish, junior and a seminary praesidium.  All praesidia have spiritual directors.  Their curia covers  Burlingame in the north to East Palo Alto in the south, and  includes Half Moon Bay on the coast,  a total of nine cities.  Our Lady of Nativity praesidium has 6 active and 48 auxiliary members.  They visited 301 homes door to door, and brought 694 Holy Communions to the homebound.  They did sidewalk counseling in San Mateo and Sunnyvale at abortion clinics, and do Cenacles for Life Rosaries each week.  They started the Gabriel Project in their parish, which is an outreach program to help pregnant mothers, and had a legion evangelization booth at their parish carnival.  Our Lady of Evangelists praesidium has 9 active members and 150 auxiliary members.  They did door to door visitation, a book barrow at the Hillsdale Shopping Mall, made visits to the sick, and participated in the 40 days for Life.  Their patrician group is now in their eighth year.  Seat of Wisdom praesidium at St. Patrick Seminary has 8 active and 3 auxiliary members.  Fr. Goode is their spiritual director, and their president, Deacon Jeff  Wilson, will be ordained in June 2011.  All members are required to perform apostolic ministry as part of their priestly formation, including confirmation retreats, RCIA, hospital ministry and baptismal preparation.  Members lead a Rosary each day outside the seminary at 6:45pm.  They participated in an Exploratio Dominicalis at St. Francis of Assisi parish.  Five members attended the Acies.  They seek to familiarize fellow seminarians with the evangelizing function of the Legion of Mary in the Church.  The curia’s Acies was held on March 27 with more than 200 legionaries in attendance, and  the Rosary was recited in English, Spanish and Portuguese.  Ten of the 13 praesidia undertake door to door visitation.  The curia bookbarrow at the County Fair is from June 11 to June 19.  More volunteers are needed - contact Barbara Campitelli to volunteer.  The curia will support  the Nativity Parish Carnival which attracted three times as many as the San Mateo County Fair Legion booth.  Non-Catholic Christians, as well as a  law student, have joined the legionaries praying the Rosary outside abortion clinics.  A lady holding a three year old baby said “people like you made me change my mind” about having an abortion. Passersby are asked if they would like to pray.  They will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the curia on October 8 with a Mass at St. Timothy parish. Prayers were asked for the health of the curia Secretary.  (Report by Sr. Angeles, President)

4) Salinas Curia:  They have six attached praesidia.  A Columban drive was held at Sacred Heart Church, and follow up calls were made to ten people who expressed an interest.  The Acies was held on March 20 at Our Lady Help of Christians church with over 100 attending.  They are planning celebrations of Divine Mercy Sunday. Their spiritual director Deacon Reichmuth is ill but each month at their curia meeting they still have had an allocutio by a priest.
(Report read by Sr. Peterson from a report prepared by Sr. Fabi, Correspondent)

5) Portland Curia:  They held a Legion of Mary retreat at Our Lady of Peace retreat house in Beaverton from March 11 to 13.  Active and auxiliary members as well as non-Legionaries attended.  On March 27, they had their Acies and a Curia meeting. They wish to implement the theme of “The Charism of Frank Duff and the Legion of Mary”.  Sr. Martin suggested a reading from Frank Duff, e.g. “Can we be Saints” or “Miracles on Tap”.   Legionaries have received surprised and positive reactions during door to door visitation.  There was good discussion on follow up visits after the door to door and how to keep in touch with auxiliary members.  A pastor has approved door to door visitation in his parish.   Br. Perlas asked that the forms for ratification of the new officers be submitted.  (Report by Br. Frost, Correspondent)

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