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Council Reports given at the April, 2010, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes and Web Site)

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1) Oregon Comitium: assigned works include the visitation of homes and convalescent homes, but door to door is not allowed by their pastors. Fr. Goode suggested that Legionaries should not accept "No" as a final answer, and instead try to encourage pastors to allow door to door.  
Br. Miller suggested inviting pastors to go along on door to door assignments.  (Report by Sr. Lapuz, Correspondent)

2) Seattle Comitium:  There are 9 attached curiae and 15 directly attached praesidia, with a new Spanish speaking curia in the Yakima diocese.  The spiritual director of the new curia, Fr. Juan Carlos, has sent a list of names of the legionaries to be the officers of  three praesidia...  Three annual reports were given in the last quarter. Works include visitation of nursing homes, and helping the pastors with the Welcome Home Catholic program.  Pilgrim Virgin apostolate is also reported.  All the members of one praesidium attended a Child Protection Workshop and received their certification.  Three Curia reports were given and included the distribution of information about Mass times to hotels and motels, praying The Divine Mercy chaplet with critically ill patients, and the following up of people during and after their participation in the RCIA program...  Seattle's long time Spiritual Director, Fr. Treacy  has retired. He was appointed spiritual director of the Seattle Curia in 1946, and diocesan spiritual director of the Legion in 1948, serving until 1972.  He returned as spiritual director of the Comitium in the 1990’s
(Report by Br. Simpson, Comitium President)

3) South San Mateo Curia:  They have a total of 13 attached praesidia, including a junior praesidium, three Spanish speaking praesidia and a praesidium at St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park.  Fr. Al Furtado is the curia spiritual director, and there are four deacons who are spiritual directors of praesidia.  Three annual reports were given in the last quarter, and the praesidia have 10, 8 and 5 members respectively.  Each praesidia undertakes door to door visitation. Other works reported include bookbarrows at the Hillsdale Shopping mall and San Mateo County Fair, assisting at Juan Diego Pregnancy Center, and visitation of prisoners.  A number of curia members participated in the “40 days for life” in front of Planned Parenthood, where they prayed the Rosary and did crowd contact.  They are planning for the book barrow at the San Mateo County Fair to be held on June 12 to 20.  There will be elections in the coming months for the Curia President, Vice-President and Secretary.    (Report by Sr. Madrinan, outgoing Curia President)

4) Salinas Curia:  There was no annual report in the last quarter. Each month at the Curia meeting, a praesidium is assigned to speak about a particular topic relating to the Legion of Mary. (Report by Sr. Fabi Correspondent)

5) Portland Curia:  Two annual reports were heard in the last quarter.  One praesidium has a number of works including door to door and book barrow.  The second praesidium’s main work is assisting at a retreat house.  The council members use Google groups to communicate with one another.  The curia is planning to have a social meeting with the Oregon Comitium.  A decision was made by the Senatus to pay half the transportation costs of the Curia president.  (Report by Br. Frost, Correspondent)
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