San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary
Council Reports given at the April 2009, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes)

1) Oregon Comitium:  Officer attendance was 100%, Praesidia Officer 69%.  The Junior Praesidium had its Acies in March, as well as Comitium Acies, and both ceremonies were beautiful and well attended.  There were no Praesidia reports during this period.  Other activities include a Patrician Group, and the Journey of St. Paul.  The Comitium hopes to start  a new Praesidium in Central Point, and another in Cave Junction, and do more extension in Spring. 
(Sr. Mary Jane Murphy, Secretary, reported by Sr. Felina Lapuz, Senatus Correspondent)
2) Seattle Comitium: The Comitium has 10 attached Curia, and 16 Praesidia. There were two Praesidia reports, Our Lady of Divine Grace, which has 12 active members and 275 auxiliaries, and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, which has 14 active members and 45 auxiliaries. Three Curiae also reported, and a Vietnamese Curia as well, all with extensive works. The Comitium had its Acies in March, and Columban Drives were held in two parishes. Extension work is also being conducted in four parishes, two of which are Spanish speaking.  A Comitium retreat is also planned for September.  There is a new Comitium Vice President, Sr. Suchi Trollope, who replaces Sr. Kathy Moore. 
Note:  Both Sr. Suchi and Br. John Simpson flew down to San Francisco to attend the Senatus, and both exemplify the strong work ethic of the Seattle Comitium, with so many good works to report.
(Sr. Suchi Trollope & Br. John Simpson, Vice President and President)

3) Salinas Curia:  Fr. James Ryan, Spiritual Director of the Curia and 3 Praesidia, has passed away, and members attended his wake and funeral.  The Bishop has appointed Deacon Br. Bill Reichmuth in Fr. Ryan's place.  His wife was the former secretary of the Salinas Curia, killed in an accident, while on her way to a Curia meeting.  The Curia had its Acies in March, attended by more than 100 people. Since most of the attached seven Praesidia are low in membership, the Curia is considering Columban Drives. (Sr. Virginia Fabi, Senatus Correspondent)

4) South San Mateo Curia: There are thirteen Praesidia, which includes Spanish, Portuguese, Junior, and a Seminary Praesidium. There were five Praesidia reports during this reporting period.  Their works include Door to Door, Pro Life work, a Patrician group, visitation of the sick, and Book Barrows.  The Annual General Reunion was held in December, and the Acies in March, attended by 180 Legionaries.  The Curia asks for your prayers, so that they may continue to participate in the San Mateo Fair in August, at which they have given away thousands of Rosaries over many past years.  The organizers are considering limiting the event to commercial vendors only. (Sr. Mary Peterson, Correspondent)

5) San Jose Comitium:  There are 17 attached Praesidia, of which two are juniors, and three Curiae, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Works include all of the Evangelization categories, such as Door to Door, Apostolate, Book-barrow, and homebound visitation. The Annual General Reunion was held, with emphasis on inviting the auxiliaries, and the Acies held in  March.  An officers workshop was conducted, and activities planned to promote the Legion, and the junior Praesidium.  The Patrician group continues successfully, and  an Apostolate of the Crowd is held monthly. Other  activities include an April Rosary Crusade, and planning a Spanish Praesidium.  (Sr. Dolores Yee, President


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