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Allocutio (October, 2010)
  Fr. Lawrence Goode, Senatus Chaplain

"October is the month dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary, and, October 2nd is The day of the Guardian Angel, and October is also Respect Life month.  All of these are intertwined together - the fact that every human deserves respect, that we all have a Guardian Angel, and that we need to pray the Rosary to help our family and community.  So when we do door to door, or an Apostolate, we pray the Rosary, and then it's very helpful to think of the Guardian Angel of those to whom we speak, so as to put them in contact with each other. One Angel rings the doorbell of the Angel of the person living in that home..."
"St. Gabriel's Praesidium does excellent work for its first year - they have 14 members, and do an Apostolate to the crowd at the Zoo.  Also, they are reading the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Faith, which is something every Catholic should do.  Now St. Gabriel's can do even better - by starting door to door work...
"Thanks to our Councils up North, in Seattle and Portland, since they are sending members down here to work in the Stockton PPC, and to our councils down South, San Mateo and Salinas - they have better attendance than we do, here in Senatus..."
"One Praesidium in San Mateo is promoting Total Consecration. I did a funeral for a person who did the Total Consecration.  He died with a crucifix in one hand, and a Rosary in the other hand...."
"Last month, as I was traveling here on the 280 Freeway, I looked up and saw the flames of the San Bruno Explosion and Fire. Think of the 8 people who were killed, and pray for their families.  Also remember that we too, can also be taken abruptly without warning, so be prepared to meet Our Lord anytime..."
"Columban Drives are so important for the life of the Legion.   It's best to recruit new members when your Praesidium is strong and healthy, with a good cross section of your parish. Don't wait until your Praesidium is weak and few in members. Get a Columban Drive, here in San Francisco, one properly organized by Senatus, or in other areas, your own local council.  And doing door to door is a great way to recruit Legion members.  Go back to a single chosen street again and again, and when you have made friends with the residents, they are easy to recruit for Legion work, and easy to train with the Master-Apprentice system.  That was the system of  Frs. Bradshaw and Ryan, and it works.  Remember that no other Catholic Group is doing door to door, except the Legion. That makes us very important for the Church. How else do we get converts to the Faith?"
"San Francisco is a special case.  People who come here are often very secular, perhaps the most secular in the nation, and are sometimes very critical of the Church.  And there are many who come, who are of other Religions. This is a great challenge to Legionaries in San Francisco, but that's why we have Legionary courage, and we can do this, with the help of Our Lady..."
"Tomorrow the PPC in Stockton Starts.  As I said before, please follow up on your contacts - that is the key. Make sure you revisit every one.  Expect help from Our Lady, and may every door be opened to you"

 Afterwards, before leaving, Fr. Goode gave his blessing for a successful PPC, and to the entire Senatus

           The October 2009 Allocutio, given by Fr. Goode at the San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary

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